Mike Saint Jules and Ferry Corsten Official #CC2013 After Party at Cameo NY 12/30




To end the year out with a bang, Ferry Corsten has been hosting Corsten’s Countdown New Year Special at Sirius XM Studios in NYC for the past 2 years (which we hope will become a yearly tradition in the future). Last year a select group of fans and media professionals were allowed to attend the 8 hour countdown in the studio and be part of the broadcast, with an after party at Pacha NYC that same night. This year was a bit different. The broadcast was a private, yet the after party would be held at Cameo NY, a small bar/nightclub in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The after party was FREE, yet access was limited. Having work the following day, I swayed back and forth on attending, contemplating whether I wanted to be a walking zombie at the office or not. Once I found out the event was from 9pm -12am, I decided to endure the lack of sleep and on my way to Brooklyn I was.


With access being limited, I aimed to arrive as early as possible (and failed miserably). After finally finding parking, I arrived at Cameo around 8:45am to a few other Ferry fans waiting outside, some smoking, some just conversing. I chatted a bit with them till the cold got the best of me and made my way inside. To my surprise I walked in to what seemed like your normal run-of-the-mill hipster bar. I asked the bouncer at the door where the Ferry Corsten show would be and he responded? “Oh that EDM stuff? In the back.”  I then proceeded past the small crowd of people clinking beer mugs to the back of the bar and around the corner. The further back the more bass I could feel, so I knew I was going in the right direction. I followed the vibrations down a long, sketchy hallway, which lead to a rickety door, in which I opened to find what I would never expect to see in a place like this – a club! Well, not really a club, but it was pretty close. The small back room was dark, with a small bar in the back, coat check and this really freaking awesome LED light fixture on the ceiling which changed colors and appeared to look like falling dew-drops of light which fascinated me for a good 10 minutes, (I like shiny things, what can I say). Front and center was a small stag with an even smaller DJ set up, with NYC’s own Mike Saint Jules on decks. Mike is no stranger to sharing the decks with Ferry, having opened and closed for him many times before and also having numerous tracks signed to his label, Black Hole Recordings. Mike was warming up the night with some deep, funky beats, which was setting a great mood throughout the room. Within what seemed like minutes of my arrival, the room began to fill up quite quickly.


Mike kept the beats going and the energy high till about 10:45 when finally, Ferry appeared and took over. Anyone who has followed Ferry throughout his career knows that in recent times his sound has changed. He’s received a lot of flack for his current sound from die-hard “trancers” who have been fans of his since the beginning. Even though his sound has progressed over the years, he will always be one of my favorite DJs to see perform live. Ferry spent no time getting the crowd jumping with his signature hard hitting, bass filled tracks. I secured myself a spot to the left and began to dance around, thinking “damn, this is a pretty awesome Monday night!”  Ferry kept everyone’s spirits high and feet moving well past midnight (when the show was supposed to end). Since he had arrived a bit late, he got on the mic and apologized for his tardiness and informed everyone that he would be playing for a “bit” longer than originally planned. This announcement excited the crowd to say the least. Ferry went on to pump out choon after choon till about 1:30am when it was finally time to end the night.


Overall the night was a complete success and a lot of fun! The entire show had a very secret and underground vibe which is rare these days since most shows are so heavily promoted everyone and their mother’s show up. It was also nice to see Ferry in a more intimate venue, considering he usually plays events of a much larger scale when he’s in NYC, last time being Roseland Ballroom alongside Markus Shulz as New World Punx back in November. This was a nice appetizer of a show for all the New Year Eve madness that was set to begin the following day. Special thanks to Cameo NY for dealing with us crazy kids, Mike Saint Jules for opening the night up proper and to Ferry himself, for hosting the event free of charge which definitely put a smile on everyone’s face after the frivolous spending we all did during the recent holidays.


Lauren Anne Genevieve for EDMNYC  


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