Esscala Nights Presents: ‘Rabbit Hole Nights’ with Simon Patterson @ Slake NYC 12/20




BBC Radio 1’s resident DJ Simon Patterson, commonly referred to as ‘Psymon’ in this day and age (in reference to his psy-trance influences and his recent return to those roots), did more than just “open up” up the crowd to new styles of EDM other than trance. If you have been attending Esscala’s events this year, then you are familiar with their signature ‘Rabbit Hole Nights’ parties, whereby the headlining DJ is the only one who graces the decks from open until close.


These 5-to-6 hour long sets are not for the faint of heart, but then again, Psymon is not your conventional DJ.  This gave him ample stage time to display his true musical talent, as he seamlessly infused genres ranging from techno, tech-trance, progressive, psy-trance and uplifting trance in this marathon set.



While most other DJs and producers went veering the commercial route, Psymon has done just the polar opposite.  On the production side, Simon Patterson – “Brush Strokes” has seen major support from big-name DJs.  This track is a stroke of genius, blending elements of psy/uplifting/tech-trance into one massive dance floor smasher.  With acid-driven bass lines and a beautiful breakdown, the track morphs back into a relentless fury powered by fierce synths to bring the track to its apex. As expected, Psymon dropped this track and you just could not fight your legs as they were begging to move to the groove!

This was one journey that seemed to have gone by fairly quickly.  It comes as no surprise as Psymon has packed the house at Santos earlier in 2013 and shook the roof off the place.  His “Open Up” concept seems to be going well among his fans as they embrace his versatility. Judging by this performance alone, Psymon is among one of the best versatile DJs out there.  If 2013 was any indication of the future, you can be rest assured that Psymon will be back in NYC again. Do not miss your chance to see one of the best live sets you will see!891716_294008260724447_265865402_o



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