Review: Roger Sanchez with Sevag @ Mister East 11/23/13 by Nora Kdiry


Have you ever been in a fun house before? You know, the fun characters, lights, music, and crazy ornaments hanging down from the ceiling? Well on Saturday, November 23rd, Roger Sanchez and many of his friends came to fill the dance floor at Mister East‘s fun house. What can I say about that night? It was epic. Roger Sanchez is a very well respected name in the dance scene and he never disappoints. Finishing up his tour, he ended his USA portion in East Roselle leaving a lasting memory for everyone who came out. Not only did Roger grace us with his presence this weekend, but he brought along a friend that some of you may know… Boris!

If you have been reading my posts from the past few weeks you will already get the picture that I have so much love for Mister East and their resident DJ Sevag. Sevag never disappoints when it comes to his unique mixes and mashups. Here are some of the tracks that he brought to the dance floors for us that night:

  • Mark Knight – Alright
  • Oxia – Whole Life
  • Josh Butler – Got A Feeling (Bontan Remix)
  • Rob Mirage – We Are Deeper

Mister East not only looks different each time that I have been there, but they take the time to do the research on each of their DJ’s and make sure they customize the venue for each night. For Roger Sanchez they pulled out all of the stops. Each of the bottle service girls were dressed in scandalous Superman attire and looked amazing. They had a guy wearing a morph suit with a mohawk and another guy wearing Superman PJ’s with the infamous panda head. When the dancers came out they looked like something out of Avatar and they killed it.

If you have ever seen Roger Sanchez you know that his set was nothing short of impeccable. The love that he expressed when he was behind his DJ set worked its way out of the speakers and to the fans. The deep and dirty beats he played for us were so unique that only Sanchez could have created these mash ups and blends. Some of the mixes he dished out were very Latin inspired giving each mix that Sanchez flavor we all know and love. I attempted to identify some songs for you guys and I was able to get a few.

Here are some of the tracks he played for us:

  • Enrico Caruso: President
  • Hot Natured Feat. Anabel Englund: Reverse Skydiving
  • Caleda/Danny Tenalia: Music Is The Answer (Dancin’ & Prancin’)
  • Chic Flowerz: Funky Town
  • Carl Cox: Nexus (Tony Declerque Ful Vocal Mix)
  • Ninetoes: Finder (The Path)
  • GREEN VELVET: Bigger Than Prince (The Martinez Brothers Remix)
  • Alex Cvetkov: Tanzania
  • Cristoph: Guffaz

While I was listening in to get my Track Takeover for you guys I had a hard time picking just one track. The veteran really knows how to capture his audience and I was awed at everything he played. I was finally able to narrow it down to one track that really stood out to me. Openers: Love Comedown is my track that stood out to me the most. The deep and tribal beats that this track had really made me love it.

Sanchez’s tour has two more stops in Colombia before his tour ends. He was very welcomed in New Jersey and the Tri State loves him. To have one of the most prominent artists in the dance scene come to a club that is in our backyard was an amazing treat. Thank you Roger for coming out and jamming with us. New Jersey loves you! Looking forward to my next visit to the place that puts “house” in fun house, Mister East!

Nora Kdiry for EDMNYC


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