Event Review: Esscala Nights presents – Andy Moor @ Santos Party House 11/8/13




Soooo, lets be honest. For those of us who have been around electronic music during the pre-festival era, we have witnessed a change and i’m not saying it is a bad change either. Nothing lasts forever and certain areas of entertainment have a way of evolving to appease the masses rather quickly. Trance in the late 90’s and early 2000’s had a distinct feeling; Angelic vocals, rising rifts, and an ability to make you feel…really feel. Since then we’ve been introduced to the era of big drops, big mash-ups, and a blending of trance with other genres like electro and house. Not to say I don’t enjoy it, but the fact is when you mix and blend, the original product loses it purity.

This past Friday night purity was found once again at Santos Party House. AVA Recordings founder and legendary producer/DJ Andy Moor came loaded with a set full of quality classics and new sounds that brought back the days of real trance, mixture free.

Opening duties were given to who I went on a limb of saying was the best opener I had seen in over ten years; Zack Roth once again reinforced my view by coming strong with a balance of progressive house and trance that would rival most headliners. Tracks like “Incognito” from Fehrplay and “Lucid Dreams” the new smash from Mat Zo got the packed floor moving and properly warmed up for a night of serious trance. Zack finished up with one of my favorite happy productions, “When You Love Someone” from Antillas and Dankaan and then Andy Moor took to the Santos booth.

“Reflections” from Chris Schwiezer set the tone for Andy Moor’s two-hour set as the lower Manhattan trance family clapped and raised their arms in joy. Productions from tonight’s headliner quickly made their way into the set in the form of peaceful and uplifting vocals, such as “Don’t Sound The Alarm” the Tenishia remix with vocals by Jeza ripped through the speakers. Commercial sounds were to be left at the wayside tonight as the productions of heavy hitters Rafael Frost, Beat Service, Super8 and Tab, and Orjan Nilsen accompanied Andy Moor’s own creations during his time in New York City. Here are some highlights of Andy’s set:

Masada- Rafael Frost

The Way You Want- Super8 and Tab

Arcade- Beat Service

No One Home- Ana Criado & Omani

Love Again- Andy Moor and Betsie Larkin (Andrew Rayel mix)

Freefalling- Dennis Sheperd (2013 Club Mix)

Ytaca- Alex Kenji (P8 mix)

Endymion- Orjan Nilsen

Now or Never- Chris Schweizer

Remember This- Markus Schulz

K-Ta- Andy Moor

The Whiteroom- Adam White and Andy Moor (Myon and Shane54 mix)

I Be- Andy Moor


In my preview for this event I had mentioned how Andy Moor has been a fixture in the trance scene for over a decade. The headliner’s set could not be complete without some old school classics. “Air For Life” from Above & Beyond and Andy Moor was dropped, filling the air with that early 2000 trance feel. Simple beats mixed with classical instruments and a peaceful vocal, the formula for the feeling I had mentioned earlier; allowed the crowd to close their eyes and breathe in what once was; the platform for what has evolved into today’s trance. The next big throwback is my TOTN (track of the night) “Daydream” from Andy Moor and Markus Schulz was one of my favorite tracks when it was released over six years ago. The buildup and breakdown into a vocal that uplifts will never get old to me; it also did not get old to the 3am packed dance floor that pumped along to a true classic.

Andy Moor took his bow and took some pictures with the fans, ensuring another quality night in a career that has seen many musical changes around it and not only has managed to endure, but thrive. Two big thumbs up go out to Andy.

Usually my times at Santos will see a decent chunk of the crowd exit after the headliner, but Dave Barbera would have none of that, closing out the still packed house. He took to the booth with clapping hands dropping some serious trance bombs like “Communication” from Armin Van Buuren (Tomas Heredia mix) and “I’ll Follow” from John O’Callaghan (Menno De Jong mix). The closer made the crowd feel like the party would last another five hours with his energy and track selection. Keep a lookout for this great local talent.

    Esscala had done it again. Bringing not only a proper headliner but a more than impressive opening and closing DJ support. Go to their website along with EDMNYC.com to follow some of the best shows in the area! Till next time folks, enjoy the music and stay up.


Anthony Bellino for EDMNYC


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