Review: Esscala Nights: Bobina & Wired Marquez @ Santos Party House, NYC 10/04/13



While the scorching heat wave experienced by New York City this past summer may be over, that does not mean that the party is over. October is in full swing and thus comes the fall partying season. Having thrown numerous high-quality trance parties this year already, Esscala Entertainment continues to bring NYC talent from abroad that some will never get a chance to see. Bobina, best known for being Russia’s first DJ to appear on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs, graced the decks of Santos Party House on Friday night.  His style of progressive trance and progressive house have earned him gigs at some of the world’s most renowned  clubs and festivals, including Trance Energy 2007,  Winter Music Conference 2006, several Global Gatherings, Ministry of Sound and Gatecrasher, among many others. With those credentials under his belt, Bobina made his welcomed return to play for the close-knit NYC trance family.

It was relatively warm for a fall night, which the clubbers appreciated while waiting on the long line for the club to open.  The DJ responsible for setting the mood for the evening was Wired Marquez, who played a variety of EDM tunes that encompassed genres such as techno, tech-house and electro-house. Santos quickly filled up, and by midnight it was evident from the dance floor that a few people were ready to twerk it!


During the opening set, a local trance aficionado who goes by the moniker of King Hollywood, was already “lighting up the dance floor”, as one clubber pointed out in reference to King’s dance moves and high level of energy that he packs at any event.  It is extremely entertaining to watch King do his thing with his signature boxing robe, gloves and matching championship belt that the crowd appreciated.

The crowd grew eager as they anticipated Bobina’s appearance at 1am. Right out of the gate, Bobina jumped things off with Loverush UK F/ Bryan Adams – Tonight In Babylon (Bobina Remix). The discernible vocals of Bryan Adams wailed though the sound system as the crowd chanted along with the lyrics.

As night progressed, Bobina spun his way through various genres. The first hour of the set consisted of a mixture of sorts, while the latter part of the set featured some real trance bangers. The crowd was blessed with the angelic vocals of Betsie Larkin when Bobina dropped his original mix of “You Belong To Me.” The lush piano melody and backing pads, accompanied by Betsie’s stunning vocals, make for a remarkable breakdown that any DJ can play without losing the crowd’s attention.

Being that this was the Big Apple, it was only proper for Bobina to unleash Paul Van Dyk F/ Ashley Tomberlin – New York City (Original Mix). The crowd sang along to the beautiful lyrics of the aforementioned vocalist.  As a DJ, Bobina does more than just “push buttons.”  He is exciting to watch behind the decks as he dances to every beat and interacts with the crowd, both imperative elements that make for great DJs. His energy level complimented the track he was playing as evidenced by the movement of his body. He maintained a good balance of mixing, dancing and crowd interaction as these play a critical role in great performances.  Bobina did just that with ease. It was without a doubt another great night at Santos with the entire Esscala Team, EDMNYC and of course the NYC Trance Family.

Look for more incredible trance events at this venue during fall 2013. It is a relatively intimate place compared to many other NYC clubs and venues.  The staff members are pleasant and approachable. Best of all, there is ample seating throughout the club in case those hips and legs get weary should you find yourself twerking your way through the dance floor!

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