Preview: Esscala Nights: Christopher Lawrence/J00F B2B Open to Close set @ Santos 10/11/13




What’s better than one DJ? Most would respond two. And what’s better than two DJ’s? Again, most would say either three DJ’s or a back-to-back set. Well, what if I told you that this Friday night, two of the world’s best underground trance DJs will be doing an OPEN to CLOSE (yes, OPEN to CLOSE) back-to-back set at none other than Santos Party House. Excited? You should be. The men of the hour (or 5 hours if you will) are Christopher Lawrence and John 00 Fleming. Both of these DJs are highly respected and come to NYC equipped with an arsenal of awards, remixes, productions and unique sounds that makes them stand out among the rest. Having graced the decks together at venues all across the globe, this is not unfamiliar territory for either of them. Saying we’re all in for a crazy night this Friday would be an understatement. Prepare to have your minds BLOWN! As usual, this amazing night will be brought to you by one of the biggest leading trance promoters in NYC, Esscala Entertainment.


Lauren Anne Genevieve for EDMNYC


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