Review of ‘DABS’ the new released track by ZAKEN by Marisa Bianco


Zaken ‘Dabs’ Review by Marisa Bianco

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Zaken is now spinning the turntables to the sound of his own beat, dropping his newest track, ‘Dabs‘, as if he has a vengeance. The synthy track has the familiar sound that is beginning to become an identifying characteristic of his music. The song’s fast beats and hard electronic notes race on and build up until mid-song, where the melody comes screeching to a halt and you’re left hanging on the precipice of silence…

…until the melody hits you again, powerful and enchanting. It continues to echo, creating a stimulating dance track that is nothing short of a club banger with attitude.

Zaken has found success as a DJ in NYC, earning acclaims from top DJs. Ezoo headliner Tiesto, who is a fan of Zaken himself, played the Zaken’s remix of “Escape Me” for the tens of thousands that attended the festival this year. Keep your ears open for more to hear from this DJ’s turntables!

On Tuesday October 1st at 11PM, Zaken’s new track “DABS” debuted on BPM Radio // SiriusXM Radio Ch 51!!! Make sure to tune in for an exclusive debut!!! If you don’t have your copy yet, get yours here:


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