Review: Protoculture @ Santos Party House 09/20/13 by Anthony Bellino


What’s up guys and girls? EDMNYC and Esscala were back at it again for another big night of trance at Santos Party House this past Friday. Hitting the decks was South Africa’s reining number one voted DJ, Protoculture. There was no opening DJ since Protoculture would be ripping an open to close set for us down on Lafayette Street. With his recent hit production, “Burning Bridges” featuring the beautiful vocals of Trisha McTeague, and remixes done for trance legends such as Armin Van Buuren and Dash Berlin, I was more than happy to hear this man’s epic five hour mix.

I walked in at about 11:30 to see a full dance floor and hear “Flashing Lights” produced by recent Santos performers Daniel Portman and Jerome Isma-Ae. The always smiling and energetic trance family out on the floor had phones up with large text song requests and phrases of affection as the man behind the decks absolutely tore up his time in NYC with a phenomenal balance of progressive and uplifting trance. Texts were coming in from my friends about Jonathan Peters’ “classics” night, but I laughed and told them I was chillin’ to my own classics at Santos, as Protoculture dropped bombs like “1998”, “Love Comes Again”, “Tracking Treasure Down”, and Depeche Mode’s “Dream On” (Alexey Sonar Mix).

Here are some of the other tracks Protoculture gave us from that night:

959- Sebastian Krieg & Jerome Isma-Ae
Blacklist- Alexey Sonar
Synthfly- Cut n’ Paste
Fire In The Sky- VADA (Stoneface and Terminal mix)
Triangle and Strings- Glenn Morrison (Jerome Isma-Ae mix)
One & One- Loverush UK! (Protoculture Mix)
The Machine- Juventa & Johnny Yono
When You Loved Me- Juventa (Toby Hedges mix)
Pink Sky- Ronski Speed
Come Together- Paul Oakenfold
Stranger- Jaytech (Kyau and Albert mix)
Blitz- Bobby Rock
Beautiful Life- Armin Van Buuren (Mikkas mix)
Violetta- Orjan Nilsen
The Evil- Max Graham
Requiem- Mark Sixma
Until The End- Andrew Rayel
Gamemaster- Protoculture
Burning Bridges- Protoculture
Satellite- Oceanlab (Lee Osborne mix)
Carte Blanche- Veracocha (Alex Morph mix)

I am a BIG vocals guy, and as you can see from the tracks mentioned, there was a good amount of new ones, old ones, and new reworks of old ones!

Closing out the set was “Young and Beautiful” from Lana Del Ray in the Myon and Shane 54 mix. As always, a good amount of the crowd was still jumping in the final minutes and waited to say thanks to the man from South Africa who called NY home for the night. Unfortunately, Security wanted to go home and told everybody to leave before Protoculture left the booth, but some, like me, were lucky enough to catch a quick word and a picture with the man as he strolled past the food truck outside.

Something new I am going to add to my reviews from now on is my personal “Track Of The Night” (TOTN)… a song that makes you look over at the person next to you with a big smile and say, “WHAAAT!!! IS HE REALLY DROPPING THIS???

Friday’s TOTN: It’s A Perpetual Day- Opus 3 vs Protoculture (Protoculture Mash up)
There was nothing better than to hear those classic lines, “It’s going to be a fine night tonight. It’s going to be a fine day tomorrow” set to a fresh trance beat that progressed into a great melodic drop. The track not only got the crowd singing and moving together, but showed the range and creativity in Protoculture’s production skills, taking a true trance classic and adding some new fire to it.

Before Esscala started taking over the Friday duties at Santos Party House, the amount of quality trance acts people could see was a little limited, but they truly do manage to bring out some great talent and big names. If you haven’t checked out their Friday night parties yet, it really is worth the time, as Protoculture secured himself to be another great act to hit the venue.

Anthony Bellino for EDMNYC

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