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Love it or hate it, the DJ Mag Top 100 poll is here again, giving the power to the fans to elect the best 100 guys and girls who lure us to the dance floor every weekend with their beats. It was interesting to see how most of the DJs didn’t advertise themselves with big campaigns for votes (unlike R3hab and Aoki who whored themselves relentlessly everywhere we turned), and a few others made mockeries of the whole thing. The best, however, was this hilarious Funny or Die video (which unfortunately can’t be embedded), which features Paul Oakenfold, Dillon Frances, Afrojack, and even a cameo by my all time favorite singer, Alanis Morissette. Click HERE to watch the video.

With less than one week left to vote, here are the names on my ballot this year…

1. SEBASTIAN INGROSSO (Currently ranked #34)

In December of 2012 I decided to build www.TeamIngrosso.com as a tribute to my favorite DJ, and a place to showcase my reviews, photos, videos, etc. Over the past nine months, I’ve grown the Facebook and Twitter accounts little by little, uniting Ingrosso fans from all around the world. Little did I know that this unofficial fan site would grab the attention of the Swedish superstar himself, and I’d be rewarded by being selected as his global winner for the 2013 Miller Music Tour in NYC back in June. I got to bring my three friends along for the rockstar treatment for five days, which included Seb’s Highline Ballroom performance, followed by a brief meet-n-greet and even a shot of Patron with him and John Martin.

Hearing Hardwell drop the Clockwork Remix of “Reload” in his Electric Zoo set this year made me even more pumped to hear Seb play it as he closed the main stage on the third day of the festival. There are truly no words to describe the sadness I felt when that day was cancelled. Luckily, I’ll get to see him at the end of the month in DC on the 27th, and Philly on the 29th. Ingrosso weekend, here I come! He’s incredibly nice to his fans (especially me) and no matter how much my musical taste varies, Seb will always be my number ONE. #TeamIngrosso

2. SUNNERY JAMES & RYAN MARCIANO (Not in the top 100… yet!)

Talk about two of the most talented, hard working, sweet, genuine, funny, and all around great DJs completely taking over the dance music scene. Sunnery and Ryan are the dynamic Dutch duo who throw the most awesome ass-shaking parties you’ll ever attend. Whether beating up the Pacha NYC air horn, or having a sexy shizzle night at HQ, these two bring an infectious groove to make you move. Their musical arsenal ranges from tech to techno to progressive to dirty Latin drums.. you’ll get it all in an SJRM set. We’ve already seen these two nearly 10 times this year alone, and every show is unique, varying from three to six hours long. They play as long as they want to, and that’s why they’re special. Instead of looking at their watch, they’re looking and smiling at the packed crowds they draw every night.

My favorite release of theirs to date has been “Firefaces” with Jaz Von D, who I absolutely love, and they brought Jaz along for two shows at Pacha NYC this year also. Stay tuned for their next release, “Sound of the Underground” on September 30th with Nicky Romero. This track is massive!

I’m still pissed these two haven’t graced the Top 100 after years of continued success, but I’m fairly confident that their incredible growth and non-stop touring around the globe have earned them enough support to make the cut this year. VOTE FOR SJRM!!!

3. UMEK (Currently ranked #59)

I want to live ‘Behind The Iron Curtain’ with my favorite tech house producer and DJ, Umek Uros. The techno titan, and 1605 label chief, has miraculously been in the tri-state area three times this year, with a fourth show coming up the weekend of my birthday at Pacha NYC (10/19). Everything he puts out is pure fire for my tech house loving soul, including a few notables, “Cause and Effect” with Groovebox, “Kuzla Prevarantska” (which he told me in an interview recently means ‘whore’, essentially), and “Slicing & Dicing”. His releases and sets are so incredibly good, and his BTIC weekly podcast would win the award for

Umek is also a very personable guy who is always happy to see me rocking my custom 1605 shirt, and makes the long bend down to give me a hug (he’s about 6’5 or so). I love this big Slovenian man! Umek rightfully earned a top three spot on my ballot this year.

4. NICOLE MOUDABER (Not in the Top 100… yet!)
The first show I went to this year was at the end of January with Spencer and Jackie to see the Techno Queen, Nicole Moudaber, who played for about five hours that night and completely won us over. Although I can relate to the big, curly hair, and the lovely name Nicole, I assure you that my love for her is strictly for the big beats and not the big lips. This chick makes me want to learn how to spin in a big way, and her track, “Come And Lay” makes me want to … nevermind. We’ll be in the “Moud” this Saturday night at Output with the First Lady of Drumcode.

5. LUCIANO (Not in the Top 100… WTF?!?)

This handsome man was on the bottom of the Top 100 list a few years ago, but slipped away. However, if you were with me at either of his two big NYC shows this year at Cipriani, or the Brooklyn waterfront party Verboten threw in July, you know that the Cadenza crew absolutely loves this guy. Fingers are twirling and hands are clapping to the incredible sounds of Luciano from New York to Ibiza. “Looch” joins my top five ballot this year.

6. (Bonus Vote) CARL COX (Currently ranked #45)

I love you, but I’ve chosen techno! Not only have I been converted into a primarily tech and techno lover, but I’ve been responsible for getting everyone else on board as well. With two 6-hour sets at Output earlier this year, and another four hours on deck at EDCNY (two solo, and two B2B with Loco Dice), it’s no wonder why CC is simply fantastic, fantastic. Every time he takes the mic and say his famous, “oh yes, oh yes”, the crowds go absolutely wild. There’s no denying this 51 year old, super jolly man on the decks, so Carl returns to my ballot again this year as the bonus vote for the 20th anniversary Legend vote.

Maybe now that we get a bonus vote, someday we’ll be able to vote for a few extras because I know it kills me to not have room for my four runners up:

7. Stefano Noferini
8. Axwell
9. Erick Morillo
10. Anthony Attalla

As far as my predictions about it, I think Hardwell might very well win it this year (which I would absolutely love), and we’re going to see a huge jump for Calvin Harris and some of the other overpaid Vegas residents, including the cake throwing idiot, Aoki. The young, Swedish equivalent to Hardwell, Alesso, will also hopefully jump up several spots this year. In addition, I think the Avicii folk singers will be singing sad songs as Tim takes a tumble down the poll, quite possibly out of the top 10 completely.

Remember, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain. Head over to www.DJMag.com/Top100DJs and cast your votes TODAY!

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