Review: Solarstone Presents: Pure Trance @ Santos Party House 09/06/13 by Lauren Anne Genevieve



“Pure Trance is a feeling, a passion which exists outside of contemporary musical fads and fashions. It is the bringing together of millions of fans for whom this music is a way of life”

This statement may seem very familiar to those who often read my reviews, and if that thought has crossed your mind, well, you’re correct. I began my review of Solarstone’s PURE TRANCE event this past February with the exact same quote. Normally I don’t like to repeat myself from past articles, but this quote has always stuck out in my mind since the first time I read it. I cannot think of a better way to describe the essence that is “Pure Trance”, and what it truly encompasses. Many different trance families may exist in every country worldwide, but ultimately, we are still all one family. I have never encountered a genre of music that “brings together millions of fans for whom this music is a way of life”, other than trance.

25With that said, there was no shortage of trance family this past Friday night for one of the best line ups NYC has seen this year thus far. With an extremely successful North American tour this past winter, Esscala Entertainment brought Solarstone back for his return to the Big Apple for a second go round of Pure Trance, but this time he brought two very big names in the biz along with him, Italian maestro Giuseppe Ottaviani and one of Finland’s most successful DJs Orkidea. Upon hearing about the show I said to myself “Pure Trance is coming back to NYC? Pshh, I’m already there! Lets Go!”

The Pure Trance army has grown at an exponentially fast pace, starting with only a few names on the label earlier this year, to now having some of the biggest names in the game producing and performing along side its creator. On opening duties this past Friday was Orkidea, who in my opinion, is an EXTREMELY talented and a very much underrated DJ. He started the night off very progressive, with a hint of funky groove. He quickly picked up the pace and definitely had the attention of everyone who had come down early to catch his set. Santos began to fill up pretty quickly, at the end of Orkidea’s set there was still a line outside, which I have only seen before on very few occasions.

With a flawless handoff, Solarstone took over the decks, kept the progressive flow going, but really drew in some more uplifting tracks like “Unity” and “The Spell”. Solarstone had the entire club with hands in the air, belting out the lyrics with tears in our eyes. By the time his set was due to finish, Santos was packed wall to wall, probably the most packed I have ever seen it (and I frequent the club just about every Friday night).

Coming in to close the night would be none other than one of my all time favorite DJs, Giuseppe Ottaviani, who was fully equipped DSC_9262 copyfor his very special “Live” performance, with keyboards and all. Giuseppe took the rest of the night in a little bit of a different direction, a much harder direction that the crowd seemed to have no problem with. He wasted no time pumping the crowd up with banging tracks such as his remix of Paul Van Dyk’s “I Don’t Deserve You”, a TRUE classic and favorite of many, 4 String’s “Take Me Away”, and finally rounding out the night with an encore of “Love Will Bring It All Around”, which was definitely the icing on the cake of an exceptional night of “Pure” Trance.

This trio by far emulates the Pure Trance sound to its fullest extent whilst all sticking to their unique sounds, which compliments each other so well. The night was nothing short of a success, everything was perfect and “pure”, to say the least. Big thanks to Esscala and Solarstone for presenting NYC with another great night of trance music, this was definitely one for the books boys (and girls).

Lauren Anne Genevieve for EDMNYC

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