Review: John Askew @ Santos Party House 06/21/13 by Lauren Anne Genevieve


“When I got out, I don’t want to be “uplifted”… I want to be I want to be mercilessly violated so I leave the club crippled and covered in bruises.”

Pretty sure the above description is exactly what happened to anyone that came to Santos Party House this past Friday night to see the man responsible for that ever so vivid quote, John Askew. John made his ONLY US stop this year in none other than NYC for the 2nd installment of Esscala Entertainment’s ‘Rabbit Hole Nights’. Ever since the show was announced a few weeks ago, Trance Family from all over the northeast started making plans to get to the city that never sleeps to see John rip it up for 5 straight hours of sheer madness. I was lucky enough to see John previous to his NYC appearance at ASOT 600 in Den Bosch and I was blown away, I knew this was going to be one of the highlights of the summer.

As always, Santos opened their doors promptly at 11pm and there was already a line half way down Lafayette St. filled with fans eagerly waiting to get inside. In honor of the nights theme, ‘rabbit hole nights’, a few partygoers even showed up with bunny ears which I thought was extremely clever and quite comical. John was already on decks when I entered the main room of Santos and so the night begun. He started off slow, progressive and dark for the first few hours of his set, which definitely set the mood for what he had in store for us later on. Slowly but surely the music picked up and things started to take off. John dropped many of his own tracks such as “Bastard John”, “Blackout” and “The Witch”, and other tracks like Giuseppe Ottaviani – “Love Will Come Around”, Commander Tom – “are am eye” (John Askew Remix), and Armin Van Buuren – “Communication” (John Askew Remix). The last two hours of his set was pure madness. I did not see a single soul in all of Santos not on their feet going absolutely nuts. John kept the BPMs steadily at 140 straight through till the end. To close out the night John dropped M83 “Midnight City” which is a personal favorite of mine. After stepping off the decks with the music still playing, John came into the crowd to finish out the night dancing with his fans, which brought a huge smile to my face. Some artists sometimes seem very disconnected with the audience while in the booth, it was great to see a dj change perspectives, see things from the fans point of view and bask in the moment rather than be the center of attention for once.

As the music ceased and the lights came out, everyone really seemed to have been “mercilessly violated” and would be leaving the club “crippled and covered in bruises”. As I was leaving I noticed one of the bartenders wearing the same bunny ears I had seen earlier in the night and I giggled to myself as walked into a sea of people waiting to meet and take pictures with John. John took photos and chatted with fans until security asked us to relocate and even then John stuck around to talk with fans and take more photos, a true class act in my opinion. The night was nothing short of a success, as with any Esscala event. I for one will never miss John Askew if I have a chance to see him again. I’m still icing some of those bruises a few days later, Job well done John!

Lauren Anne Genevieve for EDMNYC


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