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HIIO (Pronounced H20) are regularly on tour, but their current focus is in the studio making the magic that’s already sent waves rippling across the Atlantic as far afield as Europe. HIIO have been creating musical bombs such as “Lose Control” (Joia Records) which is supported by Dirty South, Roger Sanchez, John Dalback, Otto Knows, Chuckie and many more. HIIO hold residencies at the most prestigious clubs in Argentia – PACHA and Crobar in Buenos Aires to name a few. Ortzy and Nico Hamuy are both already stand-alone internationally-recognized artists, with more than 20 tracks in the Beatport Top 100 between them.

When they’re not in the studio they’re on the road with shows that span across the United States and through all South America. HIIO will be blasting across the Americas for their first official tour, followed by Europe in the summer of 2013. All in all, the new South American powerhouse HIIO are grabbing the attention of the international dance community at the speed of sound.

I decided to find out more about these guys and asked them a few questions. Check out my exclusive interview with Ortzy and Nico. Enjoy!


1.      You’ve been dubbed “the new elements of house.” What makes you unique in this industry?

We are not sure if HIIO is unique, but we are musicians from the bottom of our hearts. We do what we love and we create music everyday transmitting our feelings and sensations in every track we make. When we say that we are “The new Elements of house” it’s because we are a new duo coming from South America representing Argentina (Nico’s hometown) and Colombia (Ortzy’s hometown), with lots of support of our productions from big name international DJs. It´s an honor to represent our territory to the rest of the world.

 2.      How did you meet and form the duo HIIO? What do you bring to the table that best compliments the other?

We met when Nico came to Colombia for a gig two years ago; a friend in common introduced us. From there we kept in touch and created a collaboration with our track “Something About You.” After that, we saw that it was comfortable and we had a lot in common at the time to produce. Ortzy took a plane with all his stuff so we could produce together in the same place, since producing long-distance is hard. So we become close friends, and came up with some pretty good results in the studio. We then decided to build a brand together and start a new career with this duo called HIIO!!!

 3.      Who or what influences have made you who you are today?

Nico: In my case pop and rock n’ roll bands like Michael Jackson, Guns N’ Roses, The Beatles, The Police, Queen; and then Paul Oakenfold and Frankie Knuckles.

Ortzy: Mauro Piccoto from the very beginning. These days, I’m always looking at what the other big artists are putting out, in this EDM world.

4.      You have a residency at Pacha and Crobar, you’ve performed at Summerland and Mysteryland, and are set to play at Tomorrowland.  Where would you like to perform that you haven’t yet?

Summerland Festival and Mysteryland Chile, were both amazing experiences for us. We are thrilled to be playing at Tomorrowland this summer as well. We would love to bring HIIO to Coachella, EDC and Sensation!

5.      You’ve worked and toured with many artists from John Dish to SHM … but if you could collaborate with any non-EDM artist, who would it be and why?

We would love to collaborate with artists such as Rihanna and The Killers. Rihanna has such a beautiful sound, and we think her vocals would compliment HIIO’s music. The Killers are a band that we think would be very interesting to have a collaboration with.

6.      If you weren’t in the music industry, what career path would you have chosen instead?

Any other kind of musician…we are in love with music!

7.      If you could take a night off from the booth and spend it in the crowd, who would you be dancing to?

Luciano! We love his style, and it’s perfect to dance till morning comes around.

 8.      Are there any pre-show routines you have to get amped for the night?

Typically we just check our Rekordbox and see that the pendrives are working good.

9.      Nico has said, “People who aren’t from here, don’t really gauge just how difficult it is for South American’s to break and make it internationally.” What advice would you give someone who is working against the odds, in the music industry or otherwise, to achieve their aspirations?

Yes, where we live now in Argentina, is the furthest Country in South America, so it is difficult to enter the industry when you are starting a new project. It is especially difficult with no booking agent when building your own tours, like we are. Also, since there are two of us, it can be difficult for promoters to pay out for two plane tickets, hotel and our fee for a new name. Regardless of all of this, we believe in what we are doing and are building our own story. An interview like this helps get us known and spreads the HIIO name to the world, so we thank you for this interview!

Our advice to those who are working against the odds, is to never give up and believe in what you’re doing. Work hard and it will happen. It takes time, and doesn’t happen overnight.

10.  What accomplishment are you most proud of so far and what do you hope to accomplish in the future?

Well, playing at Tomorrowland 2013, is really a dream come true. In the future, HIIO would like to accomplish headlining at ULTRA Miami.

11.  Lastly, I have to know… Lionel Messi fans?

YES for sure! HIIO are Soccer fans from the bottom of our hearts. We live in Argentina baby 😉 You need to experience the feeling of an Argentinian soccer fan, and go to a soccer game in Argentina once in your lifetime!

Thanks, guys! Be sure to check HIIO out on their links below.

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