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With less then four weeks left, Camp Bisco 2013 is almost upon us! This wonderful and exciting music festival is making its return to the beautiful Indian Lookout Country Club where it is to host the three-day camping event that is rain or shine. This event has been one of the best festivals I’ve had the opportunity of attending, offering not only an amazing line-up each year, which I’ll get to later, but also a great community for artists showcasing work from all over the region, and a truly enjoyable experience for all visitors, new and old.

As for the line-up of this years festival, it is sure to be a musical roller coaster of diversity as it is year after year. From the alternative rock sounds of Passion Pit, to the thrift shop antics of Macklemore, all the way down to the grime of Koan Sound and the twerking with Flosstradamus, this year is sure to open up your ears to some new music. The festival is offering a full spectrum this year and I’m sure there will be some surprises along the way as there was last year. You can stop over to and check out some of the moments I thought everyone should have known about.

Another great aspect is the involvement of showcasing artist installations throughout the festival grounds. Last year Camp Bisco brought in artists and studios such as Buereau V, Justin Wood, Miguel Paredes, Dirty Paws, VolvoxLabs, and many more that produced work for the festival grounds. Some of my favorites included Outcropping installation that was placed in the center of the main stage crowd area.  Also The Canopy of Life was another favorite, which was a glowing walkway that lit the way towards one of tents of the festival. There were also night time favorites such as BangOn NYC BoomBox truck that was bringing good jams after the festival shows were over and the CinderBlockHustle that decorated the grounds with multiple art graffiti installations.

Having a solid line up and amusement for the crowd attendees is only two thirds to completing this awesome experience. The festival in my opinion has been one of the best operated festivals I’ve been to. Staying on top of bathroom maintenance, water fill stations, and offering a large amount of food stations is something that this festival has no problem what so ever maintaining.  Being a festival that allows people to camp out, they offer showers that are on site and this year they have a new shower station that is for sure to blow away last year’s summer camp esque accomodations.

All together Camp Bisco is definitely a festival not to miss out on. Camp Bisco offers something for everyone to enjoy.  Whether you’re looking for a new experience, making new friends or the opportunity to listen to some great tunes, you will not be disappointed you made it to this year’s Camp Bisco 12.

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