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Roger Sanchez dropped in to see the beautiful crowd at Mister East in Roselle, New Jersey this past Saturday, April 6. Fresh off his takeover of Miami Music Week last month with, “Roger Sanchez Presents Stealth Miami” at LIV, many, not only in our lovely tri-state area but across the globe have been eager to see “The ‘S’ Man” up close and those of us who attended were treated to a night of worldly house and tech house beats.

M.E. Resident, Sevag, began things with his signature sound consisting of some dirty tech bangers to get the crowd ready. Now if you want to hear something that’s going to kind of blow your mind, get this; exactly one year ago, Roger Sanchez featured Sevag’s 201 Remix of “Back To You” by Oscar G on his Release Yourself Podcast. Naturally, when I heard this track I knew both DJs were going to be on point. Until midnight, he mixed with precision and presided over the club from 20 feet above. Everyone I talked to who had never seen Sevag were instant fans, and I could tell by the amount of movement on the floor, just about everyone else was already on the bandwagon. You should definitely get your ass down to Mister East every Saturday night when Sevag is spinning to hear what everyone is talking about.

Some of Sevag’s opening tracks included:

Kings Of Tomorrow – Take Me Back (Simon Mattson’s Deep Mix)

Paolo Mojo – My Children (Luigi Rocca Remix)

Round Table Knights – So Good

Oxia – Whole Life

Will Monotone – Fiona

Shortly after the clock struck 12, The S Man, himself rose into view. Being in the thick of the crowd at this point, it was amazing to hear the reaction at first sight. Prior to this moment I wasn’t all that confident that the Mister East faithful were there for the music, rather to just party like animals. I was wrong about this one, as the club went up a level in energy and you could now feel the vibe. Sanchez is good for that.

What made me so excited to see Roger Sanchez is the fact I was never sure of what I was going to hear that night. I had never seen him before, nor am I subscribed to his aforementioned podcast. It was exciting to kind of go into it “blind” and come out feeling refreshed to have heard such an incredible set. My expectations were surpassed and loved every minute of it. Ask me what exactly he played and you may have just won yourself “Question of the Year”! There is a definite correlation, however, between how many songs you can identify and how solid of a DJ set you are hearing. Roger Sanchez kept everyone on their toes both literally and figuratively with his selection of what I always call, “backwoods” tracks, meaning the unreleased or super underground tracks always seem to fool you on where the drop is, or make you groove in such a way that you forget why you listen to mainstream in the first place. It was that type of set.

Here’s just a few tracks I picked out:

Roger Sanchez – The Oven

Mike Ivy and Joe Mancuso ft Lisa Pure – Nobody

Work This Pussy

Jaun Kidd – Arriba

Super Junk – Mood Is Good

Jay Deep – High Blown Exposure

Benny Royal – In Africa

Pablo D – Tambolero // I’ll Take Care of You

After the first couple hours, Roger was in the zone. The somewhat fervently jockeying of his Pioneer headphones during the first few tracks of the set were a distant memory and he was now taking five second listens and knowing what to do for the next few minutes. It was really fun to watch a legend working the decks so effortlessly from mere inches at one point. While in the booth area we were served by the gorgeous hostesses all in matching “S” Superman tube tops. I thought this was a fantastic touch by management!

At 3am Roger ended the show by thanking the “sexy people of New Jersey” and saying goodbye. He hung around briefly to say hello to friends and family that had come to see him and I managed to get a photo op’ as well. I now know what all the fuss is about with this guy. He is just as nice off the decks as he is on. I hope to see him again but until then I’m making sure to get up on those podcasts to pass the time, and you should do the same if you haven’t already.

Spencer Callahan for EDMNYC

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