Editorial: TomorrowWorld is Turning the Storybook Page… to the US!




People of Tomorrowland… welcome to EDMNYC’s world of wisdom!

We are unveiling all our stories about TomorrowWorld, TODAY!

EDMNYC has been told, from highly trusted sources, that the fairytale will continue on in the United States’ very own Atlanta, Georgia.

While it is not yet announced or 100% confirmed, this September the storybook will turn it’s pages to ATL, which will be host to the world’s largest EDM festival. The Belgium brothers who created the fantastical festival, Manu and Michiel Beers, wanted a location “similar to our fantastic terrain in Belgium.” There is no better location with the ever-growing popularity of EDM than the United States. The venue and lineup information is still in the works, but with alumni ranging from Tiesto to Carl Cox to Nervo, it is undeniable TomorrowWorld will be unforgettable!

Tickets sold out for the 2013 Tomorrowland in Belgium within an hour, and the Full Madness passes sold out in a mere 35 minutes. Tickets will no doubt go as quickly, so check back in with EDMNYC to hear more about dates, venues, and lineups!

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