Preview and VIP Contest: Generation Wild Tour @ Mister East 02/20/13


The Generation Wild crew is making their way through the tri-state area again after playing Toronto, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Miami, New York and about five other shows since last week. Keeping with the hedonistic nature of the tour, Mister East seems the perfect tour stop to witness a few champagne facials. Mister East, has likely never seen the antics and insanity about to descend upon it.

Deniz Koyu, Danny Avila, dBerrie, and Mikael Weermets have learned to put on a show with each other that is totally different than seeing four guys that aren’t touring the world together. For one, you definitely won’t hear the same song twice. As Danny Avila explained to me last Thursday, it’s one of their pet peeves to hear a song played two and sometimes three times in the same night. Halfway through Koyu’s performance last week, Avila went on his Mac and got rid of any tracks that had already been played. The moral of the story here; these guys are dying to give everyone an amazing show and are paying attention to what the crowd is going to like and dislike.

Mister East has been selling out the place every single weekend lately and has solidified itself at the forefront of the north Jersey nightlife market. The class and impeccable service are unmatched, and many say it’s unlike any other club in the Northeast.

Be prepared to be in the crosshairs of the Super Soakers, industrial size fog blasters, and Kirill Was Here, the notorious live music photographer that gives out the aforementioned champagne facials… if you happen to be so lucky. Mister East is another venue on the Generation Wild Tour that has answered the call of taking in this group of heathens who know not when to stop partying, and it just might be your last chance to see them together so put down the “Bong”, grab “Somebody To Love”, “Make Some Noise”, and GET READY TO JUMP!

PS: The GENERATION WILD crew will be performing b2b live from SiriusXM in NYC Wednesday from 6-8 PM so make sure to tune in and get ready for an event that’s sure to blow you away.

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Want to win a VIP table for you and three friends, including one complimentary bottle? EDMNYC has your chance to join us for this wild night at Mister East. Here’s how:

1. Follow @EDMNYC on Twitter
2. Follow @MisterEastLife on Twitter
3. Tweet: “I want to see the #GenerationWildTour at @MisterEastLife Wednesday! Pick M.E. to be the VIP, @EDMNYC!
4. The more people who follow us and RT the message will have the best chance to win.

Contest ends at noon on Wednesday and one lucky winner will be contacted at that time. Keep tweeting for your chance to be there! GOOD LUCK!

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