Review: Nicole Moudaber, Alan Fitzpatrick & Nathan Barato @ Pacha NYC 01/26/13 by Melissa Calarco



A trifecta lineup for Nicole Moudaber’s official launch of her new imprint, MOOD Records, made for an everlasting, unforgettable and extended night of quality music. On Saturday January 26th Nathan Barato set the opening aura, Nicole gave us an immeasurably groovy extended five-hour set, and Alan Fitzpatrick carried us through the dark hours with ease. The combination of all three in one night was an exceptional experience.

Openers are as essential as a headliner, a closer, or anyone on a lineup for that matter. Nathan Barato’s opening set dictated the vibe of the night right from the start. Dropping tracks like “Hard Werq,” and a personal favorite, Romanthony vs Nathan Barato – Let Me Show You Love vs The Mitchell Rhythm the place erupted! Nathan will most certainly be making some serious noise in 2013.

Nicole Moudaber played an extended five-hour set from 1am to 6am. The place was packed and MOOD Records was flashing on LED screens everywhere. She hadn’t even dropped her first full track yet and people were shouting out left and right to her in extreme excitement for what was to come. Vivid blue lights and fog with vocals exclaiming, “I’m In The Mood,” (one of her own latest upcoming tracks) made the crowd begin to scream in exuberance.

One thing you’ll be sure to expect during Nicole’s performances is her strong connection with the crowd. Constantly looking up and around making eye contact and smiles with a large part of the crowd. 
uk-0707-353800-11053-frontMonstrous tracks of her own such as: “Roar”, “Come and Lay” (Unreleased), “Vertical Limit” (Vox Mix) and “Hair.” dropped a few jaws in the room. Other heavy tracks included: Gary Beck – “Before The Crash”, Ron Costa – “Sodobah Le Photographe” and DJ Hyperactive – “Wide Open” (Len Faki DJ Edit.)

Aside from the music, without forgetting the partial purpose of the event, launching your own record label is a huge deal. It takes more than just hard work to launch a respected label. Every part of you has to be fully devoted in what needs to be done to achieve such an immense accomplishment as this one. As devoted fans, we know Nicole was highly driven to make this happen, so she undoubtedly deserves it.

Over the years she’s made a huge presence and name for herself as one of the better female techno DJs out there. Things like that don’t happen overnight and we all can only hope to see more striving accomplishments out of a role model such as Nicole.

The clock struck 6:00AM and Alan Fitzpatrick was ready to make his debut appearance at Pacha NYC. This place was still entirely crammed, Nicole had just finished her set, and the crowd had no idea about the madness Alan was about to unleash on us. Opening with his famous track, “Skeksis,” and later dropping “For An Endless Night,” no games were to be played.

Many in the crowd had blank stares of awe and artworks-000006211815-fexhc8-originalhappiness, while others were trying to figure out who the man on the decks was. Judging by the looks of things, for some it may have been their first introduction to Alan Fitzpatrick. Meanwhile other long time followers were simply indulging in his presence and diverse track selection, as always.

A vigorous point in the night was when Fitzpatrick played, “The Color Out Of Space,” by Adam Beyer. During climaxes of the song he would close his eyes to the track, literally feeling each vibrant sound present in this particularly powerful track.

Before one last encore, around 8:30AM with the lights ready to come on, he topped off his set with a deep house gem, “Every Inch,” by George Fitzgerald. The tireless crowd certainly wanted and begged for more. As we all know if possible, he would’ve played till 10AM or later.




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