Preview: New Year’s Eve in Philly with Michael Woods, R3hab, and Funkagenda by Spencer Callahan


New Year’s Eve at Soundgarden Hall in Philadelphia is sure to be one of the biggest shows you’ve attended in a long time. Boasting the versatility of three of the world’s top talents in Michael Woods, R3hab, and Funkagenda, the chances of you not hearing something you’ll love is improbable to say the very least.

Michael Woods will be settling in first as the most seasoned Philadelphia crowd pleaser, having been to the city of brotherly love three times in the last three months. Something tells me he’s got nothing but love for it as well.

R3hab, who makes regular pop songs into screeching EDM anthems headlines and brings a massive appeal to this event. Whether you realize it or not, R3hab is the mad scientist behind the huge “chainsaw madness” movement that’s so obviously taken over the electronic world as of late.

Funkagenda will also be laying down the thumps in a much more minimalist fashion. The Funk Farm label boss has a knack for creating peak time tech-house and techno tracks that will inexorably have everybody dancing for hours.

You absolutely have to check out Soundgarden Hall on December 31st and ring in 2013 with three great DJs in one of the best clubs in Philadelphia. Get your tickets before they’re gone.

Spencer Callahan for EDMNYC


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