Review: Tiësto & Allure “Pair of Dice” ZAKEN Bootleg by Marisa Bianco


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If Tiësto, one of the world’s top DJs and Producers, has featured an artist more than once on his eminent podcast, you know they’re definitely going to be worth listening to. ZAKEN creates mash-ups and remixes of our favorites, and Tiësto himself has highlighted many of his songs in his infamous Club Life Podcast. Neil Zaken recently released his bootleg of Tiësto and Allure’sPair of Dice.” What was an already loved progressive house song has now been blown up to epic proportions.

The intro is a great beginning to lead up to the original song. Full of hats and bass it smoothly transitions into the familiar melody around 33 seconds. After another 30 seconds where the song builds up, it’s then buried with Zaken’s own intense, sinister drop. He allows it to surface from his beats here and there, until around 1:45 where it fully raises back up, only to drop again a minute later. The beat, around 130BPM, is conducive for a dancing high. But at this point in the song, don’t think you can stop dancing yet- Zaken gives you melody catharsis and drops it a third time around 3:30. He mirrors the original song with a similar ending, fading out so you come down slowly.

The key to this song is how he intertwines his own personal musical style with Tiësto’s song. The transitions are flawless and in the drops are some Dutch elements. Zaken brings a darker feel and a slight electro infusion to the song while still remaining true to Tiësto’s popular progressive work. When this song comes on, my advice would be to turn up the volume and head to the dance floor.

For a FREE Download of this Bootleg go to ZAKEN‘s Fanpage: and click on the Free Downloads Tab!

-Marisa Bianco for EDMNYC

For more info on ZAKEN visit:

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