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Hysteria is defined as an uncontrollable outburst of emotion or fear, often characterized by irrationality, laughter, weeping, fist pumping, raving, dancing, screaming, singing, making rage faces, and embarrassing yourself. The last couple of actions were not actually listed in any citable dictionary, but were some of my own experiences from listening to the recently produced episode of Hysteria Radio presented by Bingo Players. If you read the article “Ditch FM. Get Podcasts!” which I wrote a while ago for EDMNYC, you will know that I am an avid supporter of the many podcasts some of our favorite DJ/Producers put out everyday. Podcasts are a great way to stay connected to the ever-growing community of Electronic Music without breaking the bank. Bring them anywhere you’d like and put your dancing shoes on! With my recently downloaded episode of Hysteria Radio I have caught my self a handful of times raging in public until I notice that everyone is looking at me without a clue of what I am doing. Oops.

Hysteria Radio definitely separates itself from the podcast wolfpack. If you haven’t seen the Bingo Players live and have been cringing to, you should logon to iTunes now and download an episode and turn your speakers to full blast. This podcast puts you in the front row of a Bingo Players live set. The Dutch duo Paul and Maarten interrupt the podcast very few times to enlighten their listeners on new tracks, mash-ups, and upcoming shows, with minimal explanation bringing you right back ear melting euphoria. However this podcast is full of Bingo Player exclusives! In their recent episode “Hysteria Radio 011” you can hear their personal mash-ups such as “Canonball the City” featuring Showtek, Justin Prime, and Madeon, and a personal favorite of mine, “Make the crowd go Black and Yellow”– a crazy twist between Alvaro’s “Make the Crowd Go” and Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow”. They also included their new single “Out of My Mind” which from my knowledge has been tearing up their shows and been getting great crowd vibes. I have seen the Bingo Players live, and when listening to this podcast, it brings me back to that faithful show every time. There is not one minute that passes that I don’t have my hand pumping along with the beat.

The Bingo Players really have such a hybrid style to their performance as well including some real crowd-pleasing genres from electro to progressive, to the largely growing trap and electronic movement and it really shows in their podcast. It’s a refreshing track list in each episode that will surely have you jamming wherever you are. Their podcast is released every month and can be subscribed to on iTunes if you have any apple device that supports podcasts, and lets be real, there is no reason you shouldn’t be downloading this podcast (Link Below). Also make sure you stop by their website to check and stay up to date with all their recent singles, videos, and up-coming shows!

Happy Raging!



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