Preview: Paul Oakenfold’s House of Horror with Stoon at Kiss and Fly 10/26/12 by Justin Marchese


Halloween in New York City can be a dark and mysterious place. All of the “crazies” seem to make their way around the city, dressed in creative and terrifying costumes. One thing is for sure, New York is the place to be during the most frightening holiday of the year.

On Friday October 26th, Paul Oakenfold will bring his “House of Horror” to Kiss and Fly in New York City. Indayo Nightlife promotion team put this all together, spreading horror and mystery throughout the city. World renowned for his “Planet Perfecto”, Oakenfold is a sure bet to bring only the true EDM fans out, making this night all the more intimate.
Kiss and Fly is a dark, intimate setting that is perfect

for a Halloween theme party like this. Resembling the Roman Coliseum with high arched ceilings held up by extravagant granite columns, it will easily turn into a haunted nightclub. This “House of Horror” party will bring out a dark and spooky side of Kiss and Fly never seen before.

Paul Oakenfold, a New York resident, will not disappoint those who attend his “House of Horror”. If you love being in a state of trance and want to party with the best, you need to be at Kiss and Fly Friday the 26th. This Halloween party will be one to remember. This nightclub is absolutely amazing and adding all of the other variables together, it will be indescribable.

This will be a fun and inexpensive way to start off Halloween weekend, leaving you with nothing but chills and memories for years. Who knows, this may be one of the best Halloween nights of your life. Come out dressed to impress and ready to be in a state of trance until the ghosts and ghouls disappear at day break. Tickets will go on sale Thursday October 11th on, starting at $50.

See you there!

Justin Marchese for EDMNYC


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