Preview: Pier of Fear 10-26-12 by Jon Sorrentino


Summer is officially over, ravers, which means it’s going start getting cold and you’re going to have to start breaking out those winter jackets! However, before we start thinking of how cold we’re going to be after a long sweaty night at a rave, walking out into the cold winter wind, the month of October is upon us! This means Halloween is around the corner!

Most likely the majority of you have either gotten All Mixed Up tickets featuring the Swedish trio of Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso, and Otto Knows at Pier 94, or you’re struggling to find someone selling their ticket so you can go! Now, sure, this event is going to be awesome, and one to surely be remembered in many of your little raving hearts forever. But if you want something different, and you want to still celebrate the spooky holiday in raving fashion, don’t look any further because I have your answer right here!

Earstorm Records presents the Haunted House Tour!

The event at Pier 94 is being called the “Pier of Fear”, a very appropriate name considering the talent this venue has agreed to let wreak havoc upon New York City.

For starters, headlining the Pier of Fear you have Knife Party! An electro DJ/Producing duo that have been tearing roofs off venues over the last year, consisting of former Pendulum band members Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. If you don’t know these two yet, you might need to step back and familiarize before read any further because this duo alone can cut you like a jack o' lantern!

Next up we have a personal favorite of mine, Tommy Trash! An Aussie based DJ/Producer that has made a huge impact in the dance scene and continues to surprise us with every new track he put’s out being a bootleg or an original. Some of his most recent work includes his new bootleg called “Sending My Flashback” featuring Calvin Harris’s “Flashback” and Swanky Tunes “Sending My Love” as well as his widely pla

yed remix of Deadmau5’s “The Veldt”. His latest release came out this week with Sebastian Ingrosso called, “Reload” and is already climbing the Top 10 on Beatport. What more can I say than “get ready to get trashed”!

Now you will probably think to yourself, “Wow, this lineup is already so sick… what else could I ask for?

I’ll tell you! A little bit of Style of Eye and Kill the Noise! These two add so much depth to this event you won’t know what to do with yourself! Style of Eye, having such a strong influence from the underground music scene he has grown up with around him, is a perfect addition to the roster of performers for this night. A very unique style combining the hard driving, distorting sounds of electro with the groove and soul of house music. Kill the Noise will be throwing some of the hardest dubstep at you continuing this night of haunting! Tracks such as his remix of “Jokes on You”, “Right on Time” featuring Skrillex, and “Lightspeed” done with Datsik, will have the skin falling of your bones till you’re all his skeleton minions!

That’s still not it though for this night of frightening and scaring. An LA based DJ/Producer, Destructo, is also going to be showing off some of his dark tech house sounds. Make sure to keep your ears open for one of his popular tracks “Technology”, this record just screams creepy Halloween feeling and gives you goosebumps!

Last but certainly not least, a fresh face to the scene that I’m sure will have everyone at the “Pier of Fear” quivering, a Producer/DJ by the name of Baauer! He is described as the poster child for this genre of music we call “trap”. With strong influence taken from Hip-Hop and Electro, Baauer’s style of music will surely have you questioning your being on this earth, because once you hear trap, you are forever enslaved by its hard hitting kicks, snares, and hats.

Pier of Fear is surely going to be one of the biggest Halloween based events to tear up New York. I will be surprised if Pier 94 will still be standing after such a wild night. This is going to be a party that will really scare your pants, socks, shirts, costume, and skin right off of you. I’ve already accepted that there will be nothing left of me except a pile of bones and a camera after this night, and you should too!

Tickets for Pier of Fear can be found here so get them fast!

Happy Haunting!



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