Review: Steve Angello and Friends, Size in the Park Afterparty @ Pacha NYC 9/22/12 by Adam Levine


I’m Steve Angello from the Swedish House Mafia. This is an afterparty, and at an afterparty, we play afterparty music!” At Pacha NYC on Saturday night, those were the first words spoken by one third of the (soon-to-be defunct) Swedish House Mafia, to an unbelievably packed club. Nobody in attendance that night had any clue what was about to happen.

I spent the previous five-hours at Size in the Park. S.I.T.P. was a showcase for Steve Angello, and his own “Size Records”, at the Rumsey Playfield in Central Park. The event featured performances by Third Party, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, AN21 & Max Vangelli, and Steve Angello himself. This massive event was a great warm-up for the astounding night that was to come at Pacha NYC.

Before I get into the afterparty, let me give you a quick recap of the event in the park. Third Party made their NYC debut and kicked things off with a slew of progressive hits. “Feel”, and their remix of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Otherside”, were the big tracks of their set. Then came the best set of the day; Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano. These guys really know how to get a crowd moving. They started with their signature opener “Now Let Me See You Work” by Joe Brunning, and rifled through bomb after bomb for their hour long set. The crowd went completely nuts when they dropped “Lethal Industry”. After SJRM, Angello's little brother AN21 (pronounced Antoine) and Max Vangelli, took the stage. Their set seemed much longer than it was because we were all dying in anticipation of Angello.

Finally, around 8:30, Steve Angello took the stage. The first hour of Steve's set seemed as if it was just a regular show for him, playing a set that was very similar to the Swedish House Mafia set from Madison Square Garden back in December. Then something very special happened. It started to rain and was soon pouring. It was magical. Not only did everyone stay, but they got crazier than ever. The rain hitting the lasers and lights, made it seem like the music Gods were sprinkling glitter on the crowd. It was a truly beautiful sight to take in while Angello dropped “Antidote”, “Save the World”, and a few more tracks before the most special part of the night, “Don’t You Worry Child”. Between the rain, and every person in the park singing along, It was like a vivid dream. I just wish the sound system was louder. After that, Steve thanked everyone for coming out, and my friends and I headed to the afterparty at Pacha.

Around 11:30pm we showed up to Pacha, absolutely soaked, and were greeted with open arms by the friendliest nightclub staff in the city. They greeted us like the Statue of Liberty… “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Only, instead of poor and yearning to breathe free, we were wet and yearning to dance.

Third Party came on around 12 and with the exception of a couple of songs, played almost the same set as they did earlier in the day at the park. Third Party played for roughly an hour. Around 1am, Junior Sanchez got behind the decks. Sanchez was an absolute beast dropping hard-hitting electro tracks that had everyone moving all over the place. Sanchez was scheduled to go till three o’clock, but he stopped at 2 when the boss of Size Records, Steve Angello, showed up.

What happened next shocked the few thousand people at Pacha that night. He said early on “I’m gonna play as long as you’re here, and I’m gonna build and build and build your castle. We’re gonna get dark and dirty!” Steve Angello did that and more. He played three and a half hours of the most amazing tech house I’ve ever heard. It was banger after unidentifiable banger with no letting up. He took a short break from the tech to drop a few classics. He even played “Gypsy Woman” by Crystal Waters which got a tremendous positive response. Everybody was in shock in the best way possible.

At 5:30, after a jaw-dropping tech set, I heard the beginning to “Knas”. I said, “Get the f**k outta here. Is he really going progressive now?!?” Yes, he was. He dropped his huge arsenal of bombs on us until a little before 7am. “Greyhound”, “Leave the World Behind”, “Calling”, “Kick Out the Epic Motherf**cker”, and the list goes on. Around 6, he dropped the track I was waiting all day and night for. He got on the mic and said, “New York, make some noise for AN21 and Max Vangelli!”, and proceeded to drop “The Island”. I’ve never seen a crown go nuts like they did for that song at Pacha at 6am Sunday morning. Around 7am, Steve wrapped up his set, and let AN21 and Max finish out the night. Their closing set was fantastic.

This was a very special night at Pacha New York. Steve Angello really has acquired a newfound respect from a lot of people in attendance that night, including myself, and the many Pacha employees that I spoke to. There are no words to truly describe how impressed I was with his set. On top of that, Pacha had the best MC in the game, Anthony Lamont, on hand to add to the mix. There were also dancers, girls on swings above the crowd, and other performers throughout the night. I feel so lucky to have been a witness to this truly amazing night at Pacha.

Adam Levine for EDMNYC

P.S. For all of the non-believers: As a DJ, Clubrat, Musician, and all around expert on music, I can tell you first hand that Steve Angello was spinning and mixing live the whole night WITHOUT HEADPHONES! I was watching closely from right next to him in hopes that I could put those rumors to bed. He has an intimate knowledge of the songs and amazing timing.

*3 PHOTOS from Size In The Park by Andrew Rauner.*
*PHOTO of Steve Angello at Pacha NYC by Michael Elezovic.*


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