August, the month of ZAKEN


Well here it is!!! Another month of Zaken’s Banger’s Only Radio Show!!! This mix is POWERFUL to say the least and will definitely give you the feeling that you are in the DJ Booth! Big Room progressive monsters is what Zaken has delivered us this month as well as the past episodes. This month he features some of his own original tracks and mashups! Zaken has been on a hot streak lately getting some recent air time on back to back episodes of Tiesto’s Club Life featuring his remix of Tiesto’s own “Carpe Noctum” and his BIG ROOM mashup of Hardwell & Chuckie vs. Dannic – “Move 2 The Pipeline” which is up and available for FREE DOWNLOAD in the “Zaken Summer Bootleg Pack” and most recently Thomas Gold’s Fanfare 005/006 With his new release “Odeon” and his “Breaking Up Sparks” mashup also available in the bootleg pack below.

Its clear that Zaken is starting to be noticed and supported by many in the scene and big industry names, so its only a matter of time till he hits it big with one of his big room monsters! We have personally had a change to hear some of this up-and-comer’s music and seen him perform live on several occasions and it is BIG!!! Definitely keep your eyes and ears open for the name Zaken and you’ll see it mentioned by many a lot more frequently!

Zaken’s Banger’s 0nly Radio – August 2012
by Zaken

Thomas Gold Dropping “Breaking Up Sparks (Zaken Mashup) on Fanfare 006
by Zaken

Tiesto’s Club Life 275 – Tiesto-Carpe Noctum (Zaken 2012 Revamp)
by Zaken

Tiesto’s Club Life 276 – Move It 2 The Pipeline (Zaken Mashup)
by Zaken

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