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After two successful albums, countless number 1 productions, sold out venues all over the world and shelves full with awards, Showtek now displays their newest project which has created a lot of rumble within the EDM scene: Showtek presents: Crazy Collabs


Crazy Collabs showcase a series of first-rate collaborations by Showtek together with a variation of DJ’s / producers from all corners of the EDM scene. A project that goes beyond genres and moves away from narrow-mindedness. Their first Crazy Collab, together with Tiësto (June 4th), astonished a lot of people but moreover got embraced with an enormous enthusiasm throughout the scene. For weeks now “Hell Yeah!” is already commanding charts worldwide.


The second Crazy Collab is also in the open: Hardwell & Showtek – “How We Do” has dominated the charts since its release on July 30 and the track creates a lot of rumble with friends and critics. The accompanying music video got premiered on MTV USA and became “Most Viewed” video within the blink of an eye.


The two Dutch brothers Wouter and Sjoerd never followed anything more but their own sense of direction to follow their path within electronic dance music. That you have to bring sacrifices to get where they are heading, won’t be a surprise. Sjoerd Janssen:” If you detach yourself from a certain genre and you just follow your heart, it isn’t always clear for others what you are up to. Especially when you are two brothers who’s state of mind is to better be pigheaded and swim against the current and shake up the water on the surface, than to go with the flow and disappear into the crowd.”


If it would be up to Showtek there would be no boundaries or limits within creating music. Wouter Janssen: “What is wrong with just following your heart when it comes to creative challenges, or even better, with everything you do in live? Above all, you create music for yourself, after that for everyone else. If you would change the order music wouldn’t evolve as much as it is doing now.”


In the last few years the Showtek brothers have risen to the world top. Being on the road and in the studio all the time, they decided to call in help, in the shape of two alter ego’s: “Baldy and Cresty”. This way they can show (with a cheeky touch) everything they are up to and what is going on in the lives of these two young superstar DJ / Producers. So have Baldy & Cresty take you along on their path of Crazy Collabs where they throw in music without boundaries, full with beats and basses. No genres, no bullshit, just doing it! Let pure passion count, break down the walls and have fun with whoever, wherever.



Check out the most recent interview with Showtek and their vision on music:

Tiësto & Showtek – Hell yeah! (Crazy Collabs #1) (Official Video)
CRAZY COLLABS part 2 Hardwell & Showtek – How We Do (Crazy Collabs #2) (Official Video)

Showtek & Bassjackers
Showtek & Noisecontrollers
More collabs will soon be announced…


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