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Jaytech‘s latest artist album, “Multiverse” is an epic melodic trance powerhouse. Jaytech is certainly no newbie to the world of EDM, as one of Above and Beyond’s favorite club openers, and now a headliner in his own right.

Multiverse” is the follow-up to James Cayzer AKA Jaytech’s, 2008’s progressive classic, “Everything Is OK.” This new release is packed with a combination of vocal and instrumental progressive trance bombs. Jaytech finds a great balance between club room anthems and Balearic sounds. True to his Anjunadeep roots, the dirty electrobass sounds are throughout this album, either leading the way, or more understated to allow for the vocals to take charge.

Let’s get right into the choons!

1. “Everglade” feat. Serenade – Definitely sets the tone for this album, as well as a solid starting point for the journey ahead. The vocals are really mini samples throughout the track, rather than a steady overwhelming presence. I like when artists use this effect, as it adds an element to the overall sound without relying on the vocals to carry the track.

2. “New Vibe– This is uplifting melodic trance at its best. The multiple synth layers create a harmony that sooths the ears of even the most refined tranceheads. Note, this isn’t a brand new track, as it has been available in various forms for about a year now, but this album version is truly what trance is all about.

3. “Rabbit Raiders – Funny name for a track, but another eagasmic sensation. I love the way this one builds peacefully, and then the distorted bass hits and makes you wish there was a dancefloor handy! Then Jaytech hits you with another level of melody topping this EDM sunday with a cherry on top.

4. “Labor of Love” feat. Nathan Grainger – This is the first of two vocal tracks where Jaytech includes the hypnotic vocals of Nathan Grainger. A solid mix between driving bass, lyrical hooks, and array of electronic sounds.

5. “Epsilon – “Epsilon’s” intro gives me goosepimples. I love the power of the piano that hits you from the beginning of this one. It gives the track this overwhelming energy that builds inside you and bursts through the seams… It then transforms that energy from this indescribable cacophony into a more clearly uplifting and peaceful melody. There’s even some light vocal samples and guitar tones adding to the layers of progressive trance magic. Great track!

6. “Innovation” feat. Nathan Grainger – Driving yet understated bass line, rhythm and underlying synth sounds. “Innovation” is pulled by the vocals of Granger and one would be my personal selection between his two tracks on the album. Definitely has the Anjunadeep feel to it throughout.

7. “Through the Maze” feat. Serenade – The second of two tracks on this album to feature the uplifting vocals of Serenade, “Through the Maze” is one of the more Electro sounding tracks on the album.

8. “Diode – Similar to “Epsilon” in that the track begins with an overwhelming, yet simplistic soundscape. Then the dirty bass and percussion kick in for this relaxed trance tune.

9. “Dr Device – Another electro track, “Dr Device’s” hook is the vocal sample “Come on bounce!” dropped over the driving rhythm and a melody that varies from heavily distorted to a clean, fresh sounding interlude, and then back again.

10. “Stranger” feat Steve Smith – This is another of my true favorites from the album probably due to the catchy vocal hook as well as a lovely piano interlude. The somewhat digitized voice of Steve Smith is highlighted over all other melodies in this one, and it definitely works to Jaytech’s advantage in this case.

11. “Multiverse – The title track from this artist album is a relaxing, yet uplifting trance tune. It’s not the stand out track in which some title tracks are focused upon, but it does incorporate yet another sweet keyboard riff. I could see this being a nice introduction to a Jaytech live set as a starting place to build from.

12. “Blue Ocean” feat. Melody Gough – When this tune really kicks in after the 1 minute mark the vocals of Melody Gough over the piano track provide for a Balearic trance masterpiece. Truly amazing, chill sound, and perfect voice for this one.

13. “Coda – Pretty standard outro track for a trance album. Balearic trance track without a whole lot of frills. What you see is what you get!

All told, “Multiverse” is a wonderful example of the range of Jaytech. Whether opening for Above and Beyond, or headlining in his own right, Jaytech captures the souls of Progressive and Balearic Trance fans worldwide with his combination of vocal and instrumental hits. NYC folks heading to the Electric Zoo should definitely catch Jaytech’s set on Aug 31st, and hopefully he’ll be back for a solo tour in promotion of “Multiverse!”


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