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The DJ Mag Top 100 list is literally the most enormous music poll on earth. People from all points on the map go online and vote for their top five favorite DJs of the year. The competition has become so much more fierce, making my decision that much harder. Go online and support your favorite DJs, I’m sure they’ll be glad you did!! Here’s who’s earned my top five votes this year:

1. Tiesto

It’s time for Tiesto! 2012 was a huge year for Tiesto after placing third last year on DJ Mag’s Top 100. With two albums in two years, it looks like Tiesto is finally ready to redeem his number one spot.

Tiesto has residencies in Ibiza, Las Vegas, and soon here in New York. He is the hardest working man in the business and no one deserves this number one spot more than him. He has produced the free “Club Life” podcast every single week for the past several years, which is a huge success on Sirius XM Radio.

At Ultra Music Festival in March he absolutely blew 50,000 loyal ragers and I completely away with one of the best sets I’ve ever heard. Pulling out his phone in the middle of the set and saying, “Hold on Miami… my phone is ringing” and dropping it into “Molly” by Cedric Gervais before it was released on Beatport. I’ll never forget that

Tiesto is considered God to most DJs and fans around the world. I’m sure that millions of other fans would agree with me, that he deserves this number one spot. The year 2012 was kind to the global DJ, there’s no reason why this poll will be any different.

2. Afrojack

If you want to party, all you have to do is go see Afrojack. The fist pumping, finger shaking Dutch music producer needs absolutely no introduction. If you love hard electro, bass bumping, dirty, dirty beats, then this is your man.

Singles such as “Can’t Stop Me” and “Take Over Control” have introduced Afrojack to the mainstream, giving him a lot more attention within the last couple years. His JACKED tour featuring R3hab, Quintino, Bobby Burns, and Shermanology steam rolled throughout the United States this summer.

Miami Music Week was his official introduction into dance music history, playing multiple sets at Ultra and hosting the first JACKED night ever at Mansion in South Beach. DJs such as David Guetta, Laidback Luke, Sidney Sampson, Quintino, and R3hab blew my mind for six straight hours.

Whether you like Afrojack or not, the man deserves credit for what he has done for house music in the United States.

3. Quintino

New York has been very kind to Quintino in the year 2012. Born in Amsterdam, this dirty Dutch DJ is exploding all over the EDM scene. In 2011, he received a lot of recognition producing “Epic” with Sandro Silva, which made platinum in the Netherlands and made it onto CD’s of Tiesto and Swedish House Mafia. He would not stop there.

Quintino is estimated to have played 250 shows in the year 2012, proving how popular and successful he has become. He headlined EDCNYC in the JACKED tent and has done multiple shows at Pacha NYC. Collaborating on “We Gonna Rock” with Tiesto and “The One and Only” with Afrojack, making it onto both global DJ’s albums, is a huge accomplishment.

Quintino may not make it to the real top five on DJ Mag’s list, but this dirty Dutch DJ sure knows how to tear up the decks. Not only being my favorite DJ, he is a huge inspiration to me, showing that hard work and dedication can get you far in life. I hope all the best for him for the rest of 2012 and the future.

4. Dirty South

When you think of Dirty South the first thing that comes to your mind is probably Alesso. I mean, who doesn’t love watching them beef back and forth about each other’s mom and sister constantly on Twitter? Whenever you see the Australian, Serbian DJ up on the decks, you know you’re going to hear beautiful vocals with hard dirty beats. He keeps you moving and bouncing all night long.

There’s something about Dirty South that sets him apart from all others. He makes the crowd fall in love with each other, sending smiles from cheek to cheek all across the dance floor. He attended huge festivals such as Ultra and EDCNYC, showing each person in attendance why he deserves to be on this list. New York has much respect for Dirty South, helping him pack in Pacha NYC whenever he’s in town, and giving him one of the top spots at the main stage at EDCNYC.

Dirty South has produced two enormous tracks this year. The “City of Dreams” collaboration with Alesso has blown up in 2012, becoming one of the most popular songs in the EDM scene. The other being “Eyes Wide Open”, a collaboration with Thomas Gold, which has been on Beatport’s Top 10 list and on Top 10 dance music lists all over the world. Phazing Records, which is owned and operated by Dirty South, has taken off and has become one of the most successful record labels in the business.

If there is a Dirty South event in your area, it is a must. If you have never seen Dirty South, make sure he is on your house music bucket list.

5. Swedish House Mafia

This might be the final year for the threesome we’ve all come to know and love. Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Axwell make up the greatest house trio in the world. Swedish House Mafia is one of the most significant leaders in the world for Electronic Dance Music.

If you have been lucky enough to witness all three of these masterminds together, you know that it is honestly the most amazing, breath taking, goose bump inducing show you could imagine. Masquerade Motel was the highlight of Miami Music Week, which could be argued as the biggest week of dance music in the United States. I was there for the Saturday show, which honestly was the greatest day of my life. They dropped their new single “Greyhound”, which is now an Absolut vodka drink.

On June 24th, they decided to announce that their current world tour would be their last. They played a massive show at Milton Keynes Bowl, which held about 50,000 people. If the rumors and official website is true, this would be one of their last shows ever. As they finish up their residency in Ibiza at Ushuaia, fans will wonder if this will be Swedish House Mafia’s last summer. Every vote counts, hopefully if we get enough, this amazingly talented trio will stay together and remain in the top 10 on the DJ Mag poll.


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