Editorial: 100 Miles to Camp Bisco! 10 Tips to Get You Through the Journey!


If you’re like me when getting ready for a big music festival the saying “The early bird gets the worm” sticks out in your mind more than anything else. This weekend’s adventure brings us to Camp Bisco Music and Art Festival in Pattersonville, NY, where some of the biggest electronic acts come together for a weekend full of fun. The unique thing about Camp Bisco is that you can camp out for all three days of the festival with the purchase of a camping pass. This means you will need to bring a car filled with supplies to get you through the amazing festival, but before getting to the event you may very well have a long trip ahead of you. Here are some tips that can get you through this journey!

1. Make a survival list!

Knowing ahead of time of what you need to get you through three days of camping can prove very useful. I made a list of possible needs that I didn’t already have and made a trip to a local Walmart to acquire them. This will help when it comes time to pack and get ready. Some items to keep in mind are toilet paper, rain boots, sunscreen, sleeping bag, bug spray, and locks.

2. Do your laundry!

Make sure to do your laundry so you have plenty of clean socks and underwear. You can never go wrong with too much underwear, especially with this heat on the east coast. Doing all your laundry will also allow you to have a full range of outfits to bring to better equip yourself for lots of dancing.

3. Load up!

This step may be a little difficult if you’re carpooling like me. I have four people in my Saturn Vue, including myself, and loading everyone’s stuff was a tight squeeze. If you take the time to do this step in advance the night before, you will save yourself a lot of time when it comes time to depart. Also this can go as far as filling your tank up before you get on the road so you don’t run low on gas halfway through.

4. Get your a** to bed!

This step is very important! Coming from New Jersey, the road can definitely wear you down on a long road trip. I suggest not going to sleep at 2am the night before and give yourself at least a solid eight hours of sleep. Giving yourself plenty of time to complete steps 1-3 can lead to this.

5. Meal of Ravers.

Waking up and traveling on an empty stomach is sure to wreck your day. Make sure to cook breakfast to give you energy to start your festival weekend off right.

6. Get on the road early!

Beating traffic will save you a headache and will give you the advantage of grabbing a good spot if you plan on camping at the event.

7. Road snacks? Hell Yeah!

Bringing along some fresh fruit for the trip will give you some added energy for those last meddling miles of your trip.

8. Pump up the jams!

Making a good varied playlist will keep you moving in the car and can get you physced for all the raving about to be done. Not only putting your favorite artist’s but also change it up a little bit. If you love Electro, change it up a little bit and throw some Indie on your ipod too.

9. Good company is a must!

No one likes a silent car ride. Bringing good travel companions can keep things lively while getting pumped for eargasming. If you’re the driver of the vehicle it can also keep your mind off the miles being counted down.

10. Let your freak flag fly!

Don’t forget to have fun! This is time to escape from the real world and have fun. Wear something funky to the festival. Besides, no one likes a negative Nancy or a plain Jane.

Keeping these ten steps in mind when getting ready for Camp Bisco is sure to make your road trip that much easier. Wouldn’t you want to do everything you possibly could to make the most out of your event? See you there! I’ll be wearing my Indian head dress with white and blue feathers, so come say hi and smile for my camera!

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