Track Review: Markus Schulz feat. Adina Butar ‘Caught’ available July 9th [Coldharbour Rec] by Jessica Gonsowski


I am starting to believe Markus Schulz is making serious progress in his quest for World Trance Domination. Since the announcement of the Schulz Music Group earlier this year, we’ve seen many fantastic productions coming from every which way. So, when I was asked to write a review latest single by Markus Schulz, “Caught“, featuring the SMG vocalist Adina Butar, I, naturally, jumped at the chance.

The first time I had heard this track back in March in Den Bosch at “A State of Trance 550” I was, dare I say, “Caught“! Since then it has been featured in many of Markus’ sets and on his weekly show “Global DJ Broadcast“.

I love Adina’s voice, simple as that. I find it very gentle and airy, but very striking. Coupled with the strong basslines of Markus Schulz, you get a very strong track that shakes the dance floor to its very core. The simple, yet, meaningful lyrics speak for themselves. It’s a track that trance listeners are looking for, it has depth, soul, and it’s relatable. Not to mention it’s already a favorite among the EDM Community.

Upon opening the file I was pleased to see remixes by German duo Duderstadt, and American duo Tritonal. Both remixes offer a very different expression of the Club Mix of “Caught“, which is a powerhouse in and of itself. In layman’s terms, I would say that Duderstadt gives this track a sexier and groovier feeling with a pretty delicious drop that will definitely get your blood pumping and feet moving. Although it’s hard to pick my favorite mix of this track. I must say, I really dug what Tritonal did with it. You can hear Tritonal’s distinct sound, you know, those bits of Electro they toss in for some flavor. What I like about Tritonal’s remix was it is edgy and hits you a little bit harder. Since Adina does have a very versatile voice, it’s nice to hear how both Duderstadt and Tritonal played with it.

I, strongly, suggest that you pick up every single version of this track you can get your greedy little trance hands on. I can guarantee
it’s going to skyrocket and continue to make appearances all over the globe. Without a doubt, I see this being a huge summer hit.

The release date for “Caught” is July 9, 2012 on Coldhabour Recordings. I predict this and many more fantastic releases from the Schulz Music Group in the near future. So on July 9th, RUN don’t WALK, and snag a copy!


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