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Are you tired of listening to the radio stations playing the same tracks over and over again until you know every damn word? Stop your suffering now! If you’re anything like me and you have to be constantly listening to something around 128bpms, read more!


Going to a huge music festival like Ultra or EDC is a great way to hear a ton of new tracks from your favorite DJs and Producers, but don’t you wish there was a way to listen to their sets all the time? I can’t stand listening to the radio in my car nowadays because it’s filled with nothing but annoying ads and the same 12 songs on repeat all day long.  I’m not saying I wish EDM got radio play.  In my opinion, that would actually hurt the genre and hinder its growth by making it too mainstream. Well don’t worry everyone; I’m here to help you pass the time on the go. Most of your favorite DJs are on iTunes and not for $1.29 per song!  You can find info about upcoming shows, updates on new projects, and, most importantly, new tracks for free in their podcasts!

By simply going to the Podcast section in the iTunes store you can access all these great podcasts, all you have to do is “subscribe”. There is no sign-up fee or terms of agreement, and they are updated monthly or weekly with a new episode.

With these podcasts you will hear many of the tracks that DJs are playing in their sets and new records that they have produced. Most of the major producers in the EDM culture have podcasts, such as Tiesto, Sebastian Ingrosso, Dirty South, Gregori Klosman, Avicii, EDX, and the list goes on. You just have to know how to get them:

  1. Navigate to your iTunes store in iTunes!
  2. Find the Podcast section in iTunes!
  3. Click the Audio Podcast tab!
  4. Click See All >
  5. From here it’s up to you to find your favorite podcasts!

Some of my favorite podcasts include:

1. Tiesto’s Club Life – Weekly Podcast

Club Life is a weekly podcast that is updated with fresh new episodes every Monday. Tiesto includes some of the tracks from his sets and also some exclusive productions and remixes such as his track with Kanye West.

2. John Dahlback’s Mutant Radio – Weekly Podcast

I actually just discovered Dahlback’s podcast and I must say it’s very refreshing.. Dahlback provides a ton of house tracks that you wouldn’t normally hear in a set. This podcast is sure to make you dance while driving in your car.

3. Dirty South’s Phazing Radio – Monthly Podcast

Phazing Radio is another great podcast. Dirty South brings out not only new tracks on his podcast, but also highlights new talent. He recently showcased tracks from the upcoming Producer/DJ Michael Brun with his tracks “Rise” and “Synergy”. He also constantly gives shootouts to his fans from his shows and tweets.

4. Sebastian Ingrosso’s Refune Radio – Monthly Podcast

Seb has an awesome podcast, keeping you up to date with what’s happening in the DJ scene. He also brings new tracks to our ears, and even offers comments about what’s happening between the DJs. In between tracks he mentions embarrassing moments and great stories of after hour parties, among other things. The “young bloods” section is great because he highlights the new up and coming talent.

5. Dada Life Podcast – Monthly Podcast

Bring on the Dada! This podcast blows the speakers out in my car every time. In my opinion, this is one of the best podcasts available. I twitch when the end of the month nears and a new podcast is released from Dada Life. They are always showcasing their new remixes, and the whole podcast is in a continuous mix so it’s almost like you have a show right in front of you.

So there you have it! The perfect way to stimulate your need for the newest tunes in electronic beats is to grab some podcasts like these. Make sure to search all of your favorite DJ/Producers to see if they have a podcast so you can listen in!




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