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On April 30, 2012, Axwell’s status update on Facebook read: “Dont know who started a rumor that swedish house mafia is breaking up, but just wanna calm people down and let yall know that its definately not true. there you go”. I guess a mere 2,600 “likes” wasn’t enough to stop the demise of the most powerful trio in EDM less than two months after this update was posted on his page.

When I first heard the news this past weekend that Seb, Steve, and Ax would not be performing as Swedish House Mafia anymore after this tour, my first reaction was, like most others, utter disappointment. But this “tour” isn’t exactly a “tour”, for starters. A tour, in my opinion, is what many of our favorite DJs are doing like Afrojack and Kaskade where they set a rigorous schedule and go from state to state playing multiple gigs per week for several months at a time. Their 2012 summer tour in Ibiza is just that… in Ibiza. Unless any of us are fortunate enough to visit the beautiful and expensive Mecca of house music this summer, we’re not going to have the opportunity to see these three together on ‘One’ stage again. That is where the depressing realization of this announcement really hits below the belt.

My next reaction was that it would be a shame to not have another opportunity to see them perform together after having seen them for the first time in December at MSG. Although I didn’t attend the show as press, nor write a review, I will take a moment to discuss the experience, incase you missed it. The earliest memory we all have from the time of the announcement was the ticket fiasco and how it sold out faster than you can say “Miami 2 Ibiza”. They were $90 tickets for most of us, with VIP seating at $300 each. Although the popularity and demand was blatant, it would only be a “one night stand” with the boys, and sadly, no additional shows were added. Several thousands of us lucky ticket holders treated ourselves to an early holiday gift, and enjoyed a two-hour set from Sweden’s three heavy-hitters. To look around the stadium and see thousands of people dancing along with an impressive light show for such a large venue was pretty damn cool. We all remember Steve Angello saying that they turned MSG into a nightclub, and at the end of the night, “we came, we raved, we loved”.

The SHM after party at Roseland Ballroom was spectacular because we got to see them much closer than our nose-bleed seats at MSG where we are much more accustomed to watching the Knicks and Rangers destroy their opponents. The night was historic because they were the first EDM group to sell out the Garden, but now we know that it was also due to the fact that they wouldn’t return. Insert sad faces and groaning sighs here.

They left us wanting more, but it doesn’t appear that we’ll get them back in NYC. The guys want to focus on their individual careers instead it seems, right? Well, what exactly is inhibiting their individual success by spending two months of the year performing together in Ibiza? Whatever the reason may be, I just don’t think we should spend too much time listening to Adele remixes and eating ice cream over this news, and here’s why. Their individual careers are all successful, as we all know. They each own their own record label, and are consistently producing new tracks, remixes, and discovering new artists to bring into the illustrious EDM circle of trust. Seb is the first of the three to release a monthly podcast, Refune Radio, which is unfailingly banging in all four episodes to date.

Speaking of my beloved Seb, he is the only member who has performed in the tri-state area, including his mind-blowing EDCNY performance, an impressive five times in 2012 alone. Being his biggest fan, I attended all five shows, and am so thankful that he’s frequently coming back for more. Axwell stopped by Philadelphia in January, and the Size Matters leader only graced us with his headphone-free prowess at EDCNY this year. This is just another benefit to being a member of #TeamIngrosso… plenty of Seb convergences to enjoy throughout the year.

Despite their individual gigs and popularity, I still don’t understand why they would not want to do any more shows together. Swedish House Mafia even ranked #10 on this past DJ Mag Top 100 list, jumping up 13 spots from the previous year. All three of their individual rankings dropped, from a slight two, to a significant nine and ten. While we all have our opinions about this list, top ten status is still a major accomplishment and I’m sure we’d all be equally shocked and disappointed if any of the others in the elite club decided to retire or stop touring, etc.

Although the announcement stated that they wouldn’t tour together anymore, I guess we’re still not sure about them producing together. If SHM is truly dead, as implied by their black images on Facebook, then maybe we won’t have any more club anthems like “One” and “Save The World”. That would be depressing too. Could this just be a marketing scheme to sell more tickets this summer? Maybe so. Could this just be another way to draw more attention to them, both individually and as a trio? It’s possible. Could this just be a big joke and the start of some worldwide SHM tour plan for 2013? In our wildest dreams… but we can all hope, right? One source I found said, “Before they split up for good they’ll be touring North America one last time”. I hope they’re right, although $90 tickets might also be a thing of the past. We’ll just have to wait and find out. In the meantime, I invite all you househead kidsos out there to join my “Seb House Mafia” and come out to see him next time he’s in town. Seb is the best in the group, and never disappoints. That’s standard procedure.



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