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With a weekend full of carnival rides, as many fireworks shot off as the fourth of July, and of course some stellar music from some of the best DJs in the world, who were the best of Electric Daisy Carnival? Here are my picks for the top five sets I attended over the three-day event.

FIVE: Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim gets the number five spot in my countdown because he brought an immense amount of energy to the stage and I expected nothing less from him. I don’t know about you, but Fatboy Slim is partially why I got involved in EDM, and it was an amazing feeling being able to see him perform for the first time. Of course he played some of his most popular tracks including “F*cking in Heaven”, “Rockafeller Skank”, and “Get Naked”. These tracks were revamped a little with some other tracks such as, His Majesty Andre’s “Club”, and Chuckie’s “Who Is Ready To Jump”. During his set, he was all over the booth, bringing a great vibe to the stage and dancing barefoot. At one point, he brought out the paper cut out mask of his face and everyone loved that. With such great stage presence, the crowd couldn’t help but feel his good vibes as well. I think the overall performance of this set was energetic and a great way to start off a weekend of EDM. I think the main stage was the perfect setting for Fatboy Slim. It was so funny and awesome how the big screens captured a lot of his dancing and excitement throughout his performance. Fatboy Slim, without a doubt, deserves to be on my top set list.

FOUR: Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano

This dynamic duo killed it on the main stage on day three of Electric Daisy Carnival. I was very excited to see the two Dutchmen and what kind of different sound they would contribute to the festival. Let’s just say they did not upset anyone! They took a lot of popular tracks that were played throughout the festival and gave it their own unique style. There was nothing that sounded like their set that whole weekend. One of the biggest things I look forward to is hearing how a DJ makes their set unique. One of the tracks I enjoyed the most was their re-fixxx of “Antidote”. They perform well together, making sure each adjustment is perfect for the other, and they both have a constant groove which I couldn’t help but imitate. Something else that made their set memorable was the mystery woman that did not want to leave the stage. Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano made this woman have the time of her life during her 15 minutes of fame in front of the big crowd. Their set was going smoothly until all of a sudden the music just dropped out! Thankfully the sound crew fixed the glitch quickly and the duo bounced back and got the crowd to rejoin in a mass sing-along with the famous track, “Otherside 2010”, by Funkerman. Fans did not stop dancing once throughout their set and there definitely were great vibes all around. Their Latin influenced sound stands out from other standard sets at EDC and that is what solidified their spot on my top set lists for the weekend.

THREE: Bassjackers

It was time to get #JACKED on Sunday! Starting the day off the right way, Bassjackers brought it hard to the crowd by melting our faces right off. His hard electro-bass sound destroyed the concrete dance floor. This was one set that I made sure to show up early for. As soon as he pressed play on the CDJ, the crowd was jumping. Good vibes were all over the dance floor and even the security guards were getting into it. Having a great connection with the crowd, Bassjackers couldn’t help but love being in the booth. He brought so much energy behind each song he played and really loved getting into the drops, jumping along with the beat. Who wouldn’t though, when playing tracks like, Qulinez’s “Troll” (Sick Individuals remix), Eva Simmons “I Don’t Like You” (Nicky Romero remix), and their very own remixes of Ferry Corsten’s “Feel It”, Tocadisco’s “That Miami Track”, and of course, “Mush Mush”. He also debuted their new track with Showtek, “Hey”, which was killer and had everyone wondering what it was called, but don’t worry our press on the scene got it first for you. This whole set was filled with energy and could very well be the reason why my feet hurt the rest of the day. Melting faces off the last day of the festival wins the number three spot on my top set list.

TWO: Steve Angello

“We put a nightclub in Giants Stadium” – Steve Angello. That is exactly what the #SizeMatters king did to close out the night on Saturday. Steve Angello had an amazing show and there were never as many people in that stadium as there were for his closing set. Having played a lot of the same tracks as his fellow Swedish House Mafia member, Sebastian Ingrosso, I wasn’t surprised about the set list. He dropped his upcoming single, “H8rs”, which is just an eargasm itself. However, it wasn’t about his set list, but more about the performance. This guy can really perform! I did not see any other set come close to producing such an amazing atmosphere all weekend at the festival. Everything from the lights, to the stage crew with CO2 guns, to the explosions of confetti… it was like I was back home at Pacha. The overall vibe of the crowd was amazing. There were even people in the way back of the stadium raving hard at the ten yard line. Not to mention the repeat of the special moment SHM had at Madison Square Garden: Steve Angello commanded everyone to take a seat in the middle of the stadium, and when the beat kicked in everyone jumped right back up! This time it was a huge success and everyone got  it right. It was amazing as a spectator to be a part of such a large movement for EDM and even Steve Angello said himself, “We made history for electronic dance music here at Giants Stadium”. Size DID matter as Steve Angello earns the numero dos spot on my top set list.

ONE: Dirty South

Last, but certainly not least, is Dirty South—the crazy Aussie who we’ve enjoyed watching “bicker” back and forth with Alesso lately on Twitter. This set to me was the pinnacle of the festival. I can’t quite remember feeling so uplifted by a DJ throughout the whole festival and to me that wins the number one spot on the countdown. I think what Dirty South did during his set on Sunday was make us realize that house music isn’t just a sound, but it’s a feeling. It brings us all ­together. There was so much love in the crowd during his set, I recall seeing multiple groups of friends join hands and dance together in a circle. The love grew even stronger when he decided to get on the mic and introduce his new track that he had been working on with his “foe” Alesso. The track is called “City of Dreams” and has a beautiful sound combined with heavenly lyrics. Reminding us why we truly love EDM, Dirty South wins the number one spot as the best set at Electric Daisy Carnival.

Honorable mentions go to Afrojack and Sebastian Ingrosso!



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