COSMIC OPERA – an extrasensory dance event series – NYC Act One: Feb 23 & 24


The world of Dance Music is about to change forever.

This promise of a revolutionary “extrasensory dance event series” combined with an enigmatic minute-long teaser video and a cryptic Twitter countdown are currently the only clues released from Cosmic Opera – a sprawling production set to debut in New York starting this February.

Cosmic Opera will be a new brand of unique events, boasting an impressive team comprised of diverse innovators spanning various industries (music, film, science, production, technology, theater, marketing, and more).

Though details about the series, and the team behind it, are still extremely limited to the public, the anticipation is mounting behind today’s launch of the mysterious Cosmic Opera website.

What is Cosmic Opera and how is this show going to change the landscape of dance music as we know it?

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