Review of: Deadmau5 Ceremony @ Roseland Ballroom 10/04/11 By Melissa Calarco


Deadmau5‘s popularity has consistently grown over the last few years. As most of you know, his six-night stand at New York City’s Roseland Ballroom began on Tuesday night. This will be the longest any artist has ever played at the venue.

A token of appreciation was given to the mau5 man himself for holding the Roseland record for the most consecutive sold out shows. The last time anyone was close was in ‘96 when Rage Against The Machine played there.

The ceremony took place before the first show Tuesday evening. Only a select group of press were invited to attend this pre-show event. When I arrived around 6pm for the ceremony, everything was dark until you reached the stage with bright lights. The first person I noticed there was singer Sofi who does the vocals on the famous track, ‘Sofi Needs A Ladder’. She will also be there for the show all six nights performing this track live.

Everyone mingled for a while until around 6:30 when I saw those two huge ears come out from behind a curtain. Along with him was President of Ultra Music, Patrick Moxey, General Manager of Ultra Music, David Waxman, and Senior Director of Ultra Music, Jessica Risling-Sholl. They all took the first group of pictures together and awarded him a plaque for his producing achievements. Then, appeared and presented him with the major award for selling out Roseland Six nights.


Not only was Deadmau5 receiving an award, but there was a huge cake made by the famous Carlo’s Bakery (Hoboken, NJ) in spitting image of his mau5 head! The eyes and bright red ears even had lights on them. It didn’t only look amazing, but tasted even better!

After the award was presented and cake was distributed, Deadmau5 gave us a special 20-minute performance. It felt like it was just 20 minutes of us, Deadmau5 and his music, considering there were only about 15 others watching. We had our own private show.

Right before the doors opened for the ticket holders, we took a walk around outside to find the line for the show, which was a few blocks long. This was only for the first night of the show, so I can only imagine what the lines will be like for the rest of the remaining nights. The future looks bright for Deadmau5! Congratulations from the EDMNYC Team!

-MCee (review)
-DGuz (photos)

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