Review of: Dash Berlin @ Pacha NYC by Stu Fleishman 09/22/11


The night began with local talent Ryan Tyas on decks. Ryan opened with a more housy set than what he usually plays, but the crowd at that time was just gathering and building up energy for what was about to come. Ryan had the crowd ready for James Gill, another talented NY local who has been blowing up lately with his smashing sets taking all his fans by surprise. Enough energy had built just in time for Dash Berlin to take over.

Dash slinked behind the decks awaiting the conclusion of James Gill’s set, similar to his performance at Webster Hall a few months prior. This time James and Dash were at Pacha with Victor Dinaire closing the main decks, while locals Jay Kinard, Cheric & MadRaverRai (among others) were tearing up the basement. It was impressive to see what a crowd Pacha got on a Thursday night, but ever since Electric Zoo, it seems the trance world has taken a bit of a break. It was certainly not as crowded as a Friday or Saturday performance, but the sea of fans singing along was nothing to joke about.

There is a certain pomp and circumstance when you hear Dash’s announcement prior to starting music which you rarely find at places like Webster Hall or Pacha. The DJs generally just cordially hug and the switch is made. This also means that at other parties, fans wonder when one set has concluded and another begun. This is not the case with Dash.

Dash’s intro was a mix of the classic with Emma Hewitt “Waiting” which was only played in part and dubbed over his introduction. This progressed into a more complete version of “Disarm Yourself”… a bit of a tribute to Emma’s fabulous vocals perhaps?

Now, I would say that 70% of the tracks by Dash could have been spun in some form by any top ten trance DJ passing through the city. The difference is that these are his tracks and remixes and you can’t fault a DJ for playing your favorite trance songs when he was the producer as well as the DJ.

Dash took control of the crowd upon his 1am start in part by including the Above and Beyond trick of using an iPad (or other tablet PC) to show his affection for the crowd. This was also emphasized when he actually stood up on the table, which I have to admit I’ve never seen at Pacha, and would have frightened the hell out of me.

Some of his other tracks included:

  • “Raise Your Weapon” -Deadmau5
  • “Another World” -Cerf Mitiska and Jaren
  • “Punk” -Ferry Corsten (Arty remix?)
  • “We Are Your Friends” -Simian vs. Justice (Remix ID)
  • “Earth Hour” –Dash Berlin
  • “Apollo Road” (w/ATB) – Dash Berlin
  • “Lethal Industry” -Tiesto
  • “This Night” -Filo and Peri
  • “Janeiro” -Dash Berlin
  • “Till the Sky Falls Down” -Dash Berlin
  • “Not Giving Up on Love” -Armin Van Buuren (Dash Berlin 4am Remix)
  • “Sun and Moon” Above and Beyond mashed with “Disarm Yourself”
  • “Skyfire” -Shogun
  • “Man on the Run” -Dash Berlin
  • “Human” –Dash Berlin
  • “Exploration of Space” Cosmic Gate mashed with Faithless “It’s Not Over”

Dash has never let me down in terms of production or performance. His mashups, remixes and collaborations are all straight to the top hits. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a few years since his first megabomb “Till the Sky Falls Down” was recognized by Armin Van Buuren for his Universal Religion album.

Just as Dash was about to end his set, Victor Dinaire came down into the booth ready to take over close an amazing night. As Victor took over and Dash said goodbye to his fans, there was a nice bonus for everyone. Pacha announced a quick meet&greet with Jeff downstairs. Fans quickly formed a line and got ready to meet his idol and take photos with him and maybe even get something signed. David Guzman rushed down with camera in hand and was the only one in the room capturing all those special moments of fans shaking Jeff’s hand. (all photos below)

I’m definitely a huge fan of Dash and the energy he brings to his sets is phenomenal. Can’t wait for more productions and touring from Mr. Sutorius and his team.


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