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If you live anywhere in the Tri-State area and you support New York City nightlife, chances are you have heard DJ Sam Allan delivering a dope, high-energy set. Not only does he spin in some of New York City’s hottest venues, like Marquee and Avant Gardner, but he also takes his talents on the road to neighboring cities and festivals. Aside from his live shows, Sam has been producing since 2014, releasing his first track called Vesper in 2015 and most recently Iluminar ft. Alex Marie Brinkley this past month.

Sam is definitely a local favorite here in New York but he is as hard-working as it gets, and is certainly one to watch out for as far as expanding into national and overseas markets. EDMNYC had the pleasure of chatting with Sam to discuss his production sounds, future aspirations and what it’s like on the grind in New York City nightlife.

EDMNYC: Hey Sam, I really enjoyed your set at Mercury Lounge opening up for Mark Sixma last month. I loved your blend of sounds and how you got everyone hyped for the show. I know you have produced quite a few tracks in your career, how would you describe your production sound versus your live sound?

Sam Allan: I’d say my production is a reflection of my DJ sets in a way; a musical blend of trance, house, and progressive house. Incorporating a nice punchy groove, with melodic elements, and energy. My live sets are very similar but depending on whether I’m supporting another DJ, I will still keep my style but add some music to set up the proper vibe. I’ve played with many DJMag top 100 DJs from all over the world, so I consider myself very versatile in my sound. It’s so fun to play an array of genres.

Are there any particular producers that you admire most and seek inspiration from?

Some artists that I’ve been admiring of late are Luke Bond and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano. Luke’s big room sound mixed with trancey melody is an inspiration to my sets. Sunnery & Ryan have this tribal, housey, big room vibe that just gets people amped and moving.

What is your creative process when it comes to production?

It is a repetitive process that sometimes never feels final. But, I usually take inspiration from my own life and the music I love, and recreate it into my own style. What can we expect to hear from you next out of the studio? I have two vocal tracks in the works that differ in style; one is very progressive, more clubby, and the other is more for a relaxing lounge sort of vibe.

Do you have a dream gig and/or a dream collaboration?

A Dream gig would be to play at the Tomorrowland Main Stage. Dream collaboration would be with Eric Prydz or Paul Van Dyk.

So I know you have played in many venues in your home city of New York, but do any stand out as your favorite?

I recently played a sold out show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard with Zedd for six thousand people. That was an amazing, unreal experience to play such an expansive venue. But, one of my all time favorites is Marquee NY. The lighting and sound system is great and there’s somewhat of an intimate vibe, yet still a packed house ready to party every time.

Wow that sounds like a huge achievement, but do you ever experience performance anxiety especially at a bigger show such as your last show with Zedd? How do you deal?

I always make sure I’m well prepared before a show to avoid the anxiety. Even if I don’t stick to the plans, at least I have a few paths I’m ready to go down. And I’m always excited and grateful to play my next show, so I have to remember all my hard work and blessed opportunities that got me there.

Are there a particular brand of headphones you swear by?

Sennheiser is the best. Best sound, comfort and quality is top notch.

Lastly, do you have any advice for aspiring talent looking to break into the music industry, specifically the New York music scene?

It’s a lot of hard work, and a big time hustle. There is a lot of competition, but if you stay true to
yourself and your sound it will take you farther than you think.

OK music lovers, I hope you get the chance to check out Sam Allan at one of his next shows:

Sam Allan playing with Zedd @ Brooklyn Navy Yard 2018

2/15/19 SOUNDCHECK w/ Spencer Brown WASHINGTON DC
3/01/19 LAVO NY

Sam Allan Socials:

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