Karma Fields Brings The Hex To Webster Hall


Karma Fields - The Hex New York (580x640)After sending Los Angeles into an awe after the debut of The Hex at Lot 613, Karma Fields is taking the holographic stage to the east coast and it makes its debut at Webster Hall in New York City this Saturday, April 29th. As a free show with RSVP, The Hex at Webster Hall is set to be an unmatched audio visual experience that pushes the boundaries of what makes a truly unique show in one of the most iconic entertainment hubs in the world. And with a live version of “Scandal” out now, you can get a taste of what is to come this weekend.The concept of raising a proverbial veil between the artist and the music has become something of a commodity in the current industry climate. Karma Fields succeeds in being just such an act, with the prerogative being one of completely immersing the listener in a captivating auditory experience.

Within this monochromatic world of artificial intelligence, the grid and shapes are all alive and constantly changing. Supplementing this already complex system, advanced 3D mapping techniques are used to create further images and depth of data in the system. All of this in concert provides a brief, cursory glimpse into the enigmatic vision of Karma Fields.

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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