REVIEW: Arty’s “Glorious” Performance at Webster Hall


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His debut album, his tour and his set at Webster Hall on Saturday, October 10th, can all be described in one word: Glorious. As Arty continues to bring various house music stylings to venues across America, audiences everywhere are falling under his spell of light-hearted melodies paired with catchy rhythms.

While stopping in New York, Arty was joined by Lenno, known on SoundCloud as a Finnish-remix- superstar. Lenno kicked off his set with unparalleled amounts of energy. Although his remix archive is quite extensive, some of the ones that made the set list on Saturday include his remixes of Years & Years’ “King,” Tropic of Pisces’ “Symmetry” and Caribou’s “Can’t Do Without You.”

If I didn’t know any better, I would have been certain that the stage floor was lined with a trampoline after seeing the way Lenno jumped around during his set, which immediately propelled the crowd into a fit of excitement and hysterics.

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The remainder of his set included some of his original production work, including songs like “Wake Up” and “The Best,” which both carry a fun nu-disco vibe, somewhat reminiscent of Madeon’s “Adventure.” What makes Lenno such an interesting artist is his ability to remix any house track to make it true to his own style, while continuing to push original content, proving he is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to production.

12094978_10154246501160606_5122267321648672026_oPhotography by Webster Hall

With bated breath and anticipation, the crowd went wild once Arty finally came to the stage. He kicked off his set with “Closer to You,” a new original off his debut album which came out on October 9th. This tune exposes an entirely new dimension to Arty’s style, with guitars and basslines showcasing how Arty used “Glorious” as an opportunity to step out of the box in terms of creativity.

The album only dropped one day before his Webster performance, but you would have thought that crowd members have had the album on repeat since its release, because everyone sang along to each lyric pumping through the speakers.

10443036_10154246501960606_4626526125736375986_oPhotography by Webster Hall

Aside from exposing fans to tracks off his new album, Arty also used this headlining opportunity to play some of his most popular remixes, like Porter Robinson’s “Lionhearted” and Halsey’s “Hurricane,” both of which have accrued millions of plays on SoundCloud. Additionally, Arty was not too shy to play other house favorites including Alesso’s “Sweet Escape,” Zedd’s “Spectrum” and Martin Garrixx’s “Dragon.” The night truly celebrated all the things we love about music, reminding us why we justify staying awake until 4AM so we can stay on the dance floor just a while longer.

Stay weird fellow ragers! I hope you all had just as glorious of a time as I did!

– Liz Tillman for EDM NYC



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