REVIEW: Flux Pavilion’s Electric TESLA TOUR at Webster Hall


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Since 2010, Flux Pavilion has repeatedly churned out hit after hit, which would prompt even your grandma to want to headbang. But this past Friday, October 9th, this UK bass god truly outdid himself when he brought his Tesla Tour to a sold out audience at Webster Hall’s Girls & Boys party.

The night kicked off with a set from Rain Man, the Chicago-bred producer, who formally comprised a third of Krewella before their split in 2014. Evident from his set, Rain Man clearly proved that just because he is operating solo form his Krewella roots, he has no trouble maintaining equal amounts of hype and excitement among the crowd.

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His set began with a remix of Europe’s “Final Countdown,” and the sea of people who clustered throughout Webster’s ballroom knew they were in for a night of absolute madness. Out of respect to a night of bass, Rain Man incorporated every subgenre under the sun, including dubstep, trap and hardstyle tunes. Some favorites that made the crowd lose control included “Jumpoff (Carnage Edit)” by BL3R & Andres Fresko and “Favelas” by RL Grime. Looking down from the balcony, you got a bird’s eye view of about three simultaneous mosh pits. With punches being thrown, bodies flailing in every direction and necks being pulled, there was no doubt that New Yorks’ most sincere bass cadets came ready to rage as hard as humanly possible. The energy form the crowd was mirrored in Rain Man’s performance, and the hype only escalated from there. Aside from catchy remixes of bass favorites, he played his newest original track, “Broke Bitch,” which is destined to become a new trap anthem.

After Rain Man’s set, the moment we had all waited for arrived: Flux’s debut on the Webster stage. True to the “Tesla theme” of the tour, his set began with a video montage of a man walking into a science lab, almost reminiscent of a scifi movie, and the crowd suddenly was immersed in imagery of flashing lights and electricity, foreshadowing the electric journey we were about to embark on. Flux opened his set with a new hit off his “Tesla” album, “Vibrate,” causing the crowd to vigorously vibrate with ravenous energy, much like the atomic structures featured in the light show. Who knew you could get a little chemistry lesson while sporting your best bass face?

What would a set from Flux be without paying homage to some of the fan classics we all know like “Bass Cannon,” “Cracks” and “Do or Die?” From the golden oldies, to the stellar stage display, complete with smoke machines, lasers and an illuminated DJ booth, there was no doubt that Flux Pavilion’s heavy bass stylings had faces melting to the floor.

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Seeing as this was his “Tesla Tour,” it only made sense for the set to include hits off the new album. Some of the favorites included “Emotional” and “Never See The Light,” where he even brought out a guitar to accompany the gritty basslines. There is nothing more refreshing than to see a DJ incorporate live instrumentals into an electronic set, which is an element that is often missed in standard “EDM” performances.

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Before closing his set, Flux came to the front of the stage where he graciously thanked the audience for their energy and proclaimed his love for performing in New York. He asked to play one more song, and with an overwhelming confirmation from the audience, he proceeded to play one of his most iconic remixes: “Gold Dust.” Like the true fans we are, you better believe we all belted the chorus loud and proud, and even when Flux turned the music off, we didn’t let that stop us!

Stay weird fellow ragers! Hope you were able to recoup any part of your face that melted off from this truly sublime set.

 – Liz Tillman for EDM NYC



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