Above & Beyond’s exclusive Miami Music Week performance


Above & Beyond’s exclusive Miami Music Week performance was spectacular as always on Thursday, March 26th. We Are All We Need was delivered in a giant, sold out warehouse venue in Miami called the Mana Wynwood along with an elite roster of Anjuna artists. This particular venue is accessible for art, culture, and music related events. Above & Beyond’s show was a perfect combination of all three.

Anjunadeep artist Dom Donnelly warmed up the crowd with a welcoming, original deep house set. Next up, one half of 16 Bit Lolitas, Ariaan Olieroock, and Daniel Goldstein known professionally as Lane 8 played a back- to- back set and their chemistry on stage was undeniable. A memorable track they played in their set was Cubicolor’s mesmerizing record “I Got This Feeling” as their hands were held high, clapping to the rhythm.


Photo by Little Green Eyes Media

Norwegian producer/ Dj was given the name Jonas von der Fehr at birth but we know him as Fehrplay. He played “Reachin” produced by Cristoph and the Teenage Mutants remix of “Everyone” created by Yves Murasca and Ron Carroll. His latest track, “Lotus”, features beautiful cord progression and is available for your listening on Anjunabeats. By now, everyone in the room was dancing and beaming with excitement- ready for Above & Beyond to grace them with their heavenly presence.


Photo by Little Green Eyes Media

Tony and Jono commenced their set with the track that inspired the tour’s name, “We Are All We Need,” and shortly after we heard the club mix of “Sticky Fingers” paired with its signature graphics of two silhouettes revolving in circles. Jerome Isma- Ae’s latest track “Smile When You Kill Me” supremely captures the progressive house feel and was a real treat to hear live. Everyone went mental over Pierce Fulton’s “Kuaga,” as they should for such an electric tune.


Photo by Little Green Eyes Media 

Next we heard A&B veteran vocalist Zoë Johnston’s soothing voice vibrate over the crowd in “Peace Of Mind” and as the club mix of “Alchemy” escaped through the speakers, black birds flew across an image of the sky on the LED screen behind the stage. Above & Beyond played their favorite record from the 80’s, “Blue Monday” created by New Order and strobe lights turned into blue clouds with invasive pink laser beams- their production is always breathtaking.


Photo by Little Green Eyes Media

One of my favorite combinations is the incredible mashup of “Sun & Moon” with Andrew Bayer’s “Once Lydian” and the audience was just as delighted to hear the record. The text “you’re our singing satellites” was stretched across the screen as Ilan Bluestone’s remix of “Satellite” flooded the venue and one lucky audience member was selected to push the button and as she did, the club mix of “Blue Sky Action” boomed energetically over the crowd. We were fortunate enough to hear Jason Ross’ remix of their track “Alone Tonight” and A&B also played his track “Atlas” produced with Wrechiski on Anjunabeats.


Photo by Little Green Eyes Media 

The pure, emotional energy that Above & Beyond provides at every single one of their shows is exceptional. The videos and graphics on screen paired with live, typed text brings originally and a true connection to their fans. It’s never just a concert with Above & Beyond; it’s an extraordinary experience.


-Ashley Zucker for EDMNYC 


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