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For the second year in a row Electric Zoo cancelled Sunday leaving festival goers highly disappointed. However, this time was a total tease because attendees were either there, standing in the security line to enter or traveling to the festival when the announcement was made. Everyone was praying for the festival to be postponed, but we weren’t so lucky. As the message below popped up during Milo & Otis’s set, we thought it was another PSA, but instead it was a message that made fears a reality, cancellation.
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For those of you who just had tickets for Sunday, we feel your pain. Sunday is always the most crowded day and the security line takes forever. If you arrived early enough you at least had a solid few hours at the festival, but those of you who arrived around storm time only got to catch a few minutes of an artists performance. Personally, I arrived around 3:30pm and by the time my group and I got through security and into the festival we caught ten minutes of Milo & Otis before the Beatport Riverside stage went silent.

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As the clouds opened up and the rain began to fall, the tent quickly filled up with people seeking shelter. At the peak of the rain, security tried to kick everyone out of the tent, due to the lighting. With no where else to go, no one budged. After the first attempt didn’t work, security came back with police officers, along with the dogs and began hurding everyone out into the pouring rain.

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Security escorted everyone out further and further of the festival until we were all past the entry gates. People were scattered everywhere, treading through puddles, scrambling to figure out how to depart. The shuttle line was out of control, cars were flooded and some of the bridges walkways were closed. Apparently everyone’s safety was first concern, but it sure did not feel that way at all. To be fair, it was more of the city’s call than Ezoo’s. Even though everything at the festival was pretty much soaked, including the equipment, Ezoo wanted to reopen, but the city called it and wouldn’t allow re-entry.


Besides Sunday the festival was ok, at least for me personally, but that could have been because Friday put a bad taste in my mouth. For all those Living Social ticket purchasers, you know what I’m talking about. That Will Call line was insane! I arrived to the island at 4pm on Friday and didn’t actually get into the festival until 7pm. The lines were so unorganized, not being labeled correctly, and at one point they even ran out of wrist bands. Not only that, but due to all this madness I missed sets I wanted to see, such as, Brillz, Dirtyphonics, Tritonal and Wolfgang Gartner. I hope some of you got to catch those sets.

Once we finally received our wristbands we were then faced with the security line, which was actually a breeze. After taking off our shoes, we basically walked right through, some of us not even getting our bags checked or having to empty out our water bottles. By day 3, for the little time I was there, I even saw people with camelbacks and go pros. So much for security doing a thorough job. For all the people who purchased tickets in advanced and were pissed about the Living Social deal, the extra money was worth it. You already had your bracelets and getting into the festival took a quick fifteen minutes, if that. Saving those 2-3 hours waiting on line would have definitely been worth the extra dollars.

Electric Zoo certainly had it’s pros and cons this year, like any festival does. A major con, besides the rain, and long Will Call lines, was the location change of the Main Stage East. Stuck right in between the Hilltop Arena and Beatport Riverside, the noise pollution was pretty bad, plus it was not loud enough. That being said, my group and I were barely at the stage. The whole weekend was basically spent at the Hilltop Stage and a bit over at the Riverside Stage. Friday we caught some of Gasaffelstein’s set over at Beatport Riverside. I was a little intimidated by the spelling of his name, but he spun a great set, with a cigarette in hand I might add. If you never heard him spin, I suggest looking him up. Besides Gasaffelstein, Datsik and Destroid tore it up at Hilltop Stage.

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Another con was the whole cashless idea. Yes, it’s super easy to just scan your bracelet and pay for drinks and food, but no one wants to be charged extra fees. Ezoo took 10% of whatever amount you added to your bracelet and to top it all off they added a $5 surcharge when attendees tried to get their money back. It’s bad enough that the tickets are expensive.

A pro though, was the new Main Stage West. The stage was bigger, better and louder! Plus, the pyrotechnics and lights were amazing. Attendees also got showered in confetti multiple times by the artists. Not only was the West Main Stage a plus, but they also brought in the Spielgeltent from Mysteryland for Sunday School Grove and had a Vinyl Only stage right when you entered the festival. Certainly some great upgrades and additions to the festival.

Overall, we had mixed feelings about Ezoo this year. You would think that after five years of having this festival, that the sixth year would be smooth and easy. I guess we shouldn’t hold our breath for next year, if there is a next year. Hopefully everyone will be getting the refund that they deserve for the Sunday cancellation.

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~Meesh for EDMNYC


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