Review: Markus Schulz @ Pacha NYC 05/04/12 by Sam Scroxton

Review: Markus Schulz @ Pacha NYC 05/04/12 by Sam Scroxton


© 2012: Warren Whitmore from Pacha NYC

I’m still in shock over the past two months here in NYC where trance is concerned. We as an EDM community are being spoiled hard core. In fact, I feel like a kid whose parents are divorcing and my Dad and Mom are giving me as many presents as possible to prove who loves me more… which is good, because I respond well to gifts.

Living in NYC is truly a blessing for any EDM lover because we are the home to so many amazingly talented locals, as well as many fantastic venues. We are used to being able to plan at least two or three great evenings a month around a great bass line. But lately, I’ve felt as though I need three of four of me in order to make it to every amazing show on the calendar. This past weekend was one of the biggest on the list; in fact, personally this past weekend was a dream come true for yours truly.

Friday night, April 4th, was Brad Miller at Pacha NYC opening up for Markus Schulz. Brad is one of NYCs biggest and greatest local EDM artists. I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t heard of Brad, and more so, who hasn’t loved each set they heard. Brad has a great ability to play everything from tech-house to house to progressive trance- then to classics and even a great full out trance set if the night is right. Brad is one of very few individuals who can take a trance brat like myself and make me dance and even go on to brag about an evening after playing house music all night. He has a way with track selection and mixing that not many possess, and to top it off, he is humble and loves to chat about music. He is, without a doubt, a huge asset to the NYC EDM community.

Here’s Brad’s track list from Friday night which should fully solidify my statement:

  • FC Kahuna – Hayling (Max Cooper Mix)
  • Midland – Tape Burn
  • Joel Mull – Attractor
  • Ricky Ryan – Tokyo Tales (Weepee Mix)
  • DNYO – Aquatika (Luis Junior Mix)
  • Nick Muir – Fu Man Chew (Egostereo Mix)
  • Pig & Dan, Mark Reeve – Violets
  • Pig & Dan – 2Far
  • Gabriel Batz – Possibly Maybe
  • Egbert – This Feels New
  • Alex Bartlett – Touch The Sun (Rank 1 Mix)
  • Oliver Huntemann – The End
  • Rex Mundi – Scorpion
  • Zoo Brazil – Selected
  • Pryda – Muranyi
  • Mr Pit – Besides Words
  • Max Freegrant – Miss You (Alex Di Stefano Mix)
  • Juventa – Land of Far Expectation
  • Kenneth Thomas – Staircase Monster (Solarity Mix)
  • Pig & Dan – Deliverance (Gary Beck Mix)
  • Henry Saiz – They Came From The Light (Guy J Mix)
  • Remy & Roland Klinkenberg – Fearless
  • Alan Fitzpatrick – Prometheus
  • Roland Klinkenberg – Monday Groove
  • Lolo – Why
  • Bjorn Berglung – On Me
  • Muzarco – Red Streams (Nir Shosani Mix)
  • Breakfast – Median

(Thank you Brad for sharing your track list!)

Usually in the beginning of the night, no matter the opener you tend to see a lot of new faces and you can tell they are hearing tunes for the first time. Everyone loved his set and actually seemed to know every tune.

On a side note, I’d like everyone to take a moment and learn as much as possible about Lolo. This is someone that we should not be forgetting, and in my opinion this track selection made the entire set. It never ceases to amaze me that most people do not know who Lolo is.

Sadly, like all great things, Brad set was coming to an end. The crowd had really become large at this point and I took a break to get myself ready for the impending Armageddon. It was just about time for Markus!

Schulz is not new to a large crowd at Pacha; in fact, some of the largest crowds they have had have been for Markus Schulz. By 12am I was quickly reminded that Markus holds titles such as “God’, “Unicorn Slayer”, and “King of the Bass line” (just to name a few), for a very good reason. The news quickly spread that Markus would take the stage around midnight, and fittingly, the dance floor was packed and ready for his arrival.  By 12:30am I was barely able to make my way through the crowd and made it back to my personal favorite dance space in the back.

Markus came out to everyone screaming his name. I had the opportunity to watch so many faces light up with the overwhelming joy of their first live Markus bass line, and it never gets old. This man truly influences people, and that is what this is all about.

Anyone who follows Markus knows that his newest disciple is the South American Khoma. I believe I can speak for everyone when I say that we definitely expected some of their collabs as well as some Khoma promotion from Markus Friday night, and none of us were wrong. In fact, it was the closest thing to having Khoma there. Ironically one of the most identifiable tunes that Markus dropped was the blasting track- ID- Track from  ASOT 550 Den Bosch Set- as most will refer to it nowadays. Mr. ID is clearly Mr. Khoma (or a combination of the two).

After hearing some of my personal favorites like Khoma’s “Mind Gamer” and “Artiemis”, I had to take a quick dance break. These paired with the new Dakota tracks and some of the great old tunes like “Sin City” took a beating on my feet and my heart I stepped outside to enjoy the beautiful weather we had Friday night, and met some great new trance followers and talked about their outlook on the scene. I was able to really hear how much of a blessing everyone is finding the new Massive Event/Pacha Trance Thursdays and that this is really allowing some of the younger crowd the ability to come and learn more about their favorite artists.

Everyone knows that Markus is my number one DJ, however, there is one other individual who holds my heart in such a tight grip as Mr Schulz. I looked up to see that face looking right down at me… Ronski Speed…. and I was frozen. I can’t fully explain the next few moments, but something took over me… that red bull, the bass, or maybe he was stepping on my toe? All I know is that my face was most certainly the color of a fresh Italian pasta sauce and that the words that left my mouth were neither German nor English. His confusion was expected but the smile was not, and I ran away. So you all may publicly laugh at me, yet again, as you have been for about six years now.

The incident did, however, do one good thing- it got my butt back in that club so fast….which was good since I walked in just in time to hear Markus drop his Coldharbour Remix of “Rank 1”. I was back to business and dancing for the rest of the night.

My next break I took upstairs, not willing to have another “incident” and had the chance to meet the beautiful and talented Adina Butar- as well as hear a sneak peak of her newest tune with Markus. We were teased back and fourth with old and new tracks, however, Friday night Markus really made a point to throw us more new sounds than old. He never strayed from his beautiful ability to take us on a long journey through the night with the bass line keeping us in step and the melodies telling us the stories- while keeping our minds utterly intoxicated and in surprise that I believe no one fully expected.

Markus played well into the morning hours and the crowd barely started to thin even through 5am. By 6am I was surprised to see that at least half the crowd was still there and not one single individual was standing still.

As always, Markus did his best to greet and take photos with as many fans as possible until he was quickly escorted out to safety and we were all left with the pounding in our hearts of residual bass lines from moments before. Slowly we all left and the convos among us all- strangers or not- consisted of everything from “He played my song!” to “That was the best Schulz set yet”. I even heard people discussing that they enjoyed this Pacha set over some sets they’ve seen in Miami. It is no secret that Markus loves us in NY- Ok, he loves ALL his fans, but he really has a way of proving it to us every time he’s here, and this evening was no exception.

Pacha was packed with a great crowd, and the staff was amazing as always. Once again I have to end my review noting that Pacha and Massive Event have truly shown us their ability to bring in a great crowd and facilitate a beautiful evening.

-Sam Scroxton for EDMNYC

© 2012: Warren Whitmore from Pacha NYC

© 2012: Warren Whitmore from Pacha NYC

© 2012: Warren Whitmore from Pacha NYC




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