Review: Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano + 1YR ANNIV EDMNYC @ LAVO NYC 03/01/12


Nowadays, people use acronyms that everyone knows and understands like “LOL”, “OMG” and even the brash, “STFU”. One of my favorite acronyms is “SJRM” and if you don’t know what that stands for, the only thing I can say to you is, “WTF?” These four letters stand for the two amazing Dutch DJ’s, Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano who I had the pleasure of seeing for the fifth time on Thursday night, March 1st.

Not only was this night special because Sunnery and Ryan were in town, but we were celebrating the one-year launch of our website, EDMNYC. It was amazing to receive such warm feedback from the fans and other industry contacts, as well as the guys themselves. Sunnery even said to mark his words that our site would be “the biggest one” someday. What a great compliment! We’re going to continue working hard to make that happen… mark our words, too!

Before we hit the club, my right-hand partner on the site, David Guzman, and I met up with the guys at their hotel for an interview and to catch up since the last time we saw them on New Year’s Eve at Pacha. Sunnery instantly asked me, “Where’s my friend?” looking for Spencer, who couldn’t make it due to his graveyard shift. I called him so they could say hello, and needless to say, we both wished he was there. David and I then talked to the guys about their new Amazone Project Volume 3, Ultra, SiriusXM feature, and a few other fun things. You’ll have to stay tuned to see the full video interview for more info.

Our talented videographer Melecio joined David and I as we arrived at Lavo shortly before 1am. Resident DJ, Steve Powers, warmed up the very packed club with great tracks like “Feel It” by Ferry Corsten, and a mashup of “Beautiful People” by Benny Benassi, and “Ready 2 Go” by Martin Solveig. At 1am, the dynamic duo entered the booth, put on their headphones, and as always, played some of the most incredible house music I had ever heard. I only wish I could have ID’d the first few tracks, but that is part of the beauty of seeing SJRM… you won’t hear an overload of mainstream house music. Not to mention the fact that every track you do hear in their set is going to make you dance like crazy.

Our friend Justine joined us on the dance floor and brought us glasses of champagne to toast our website anniversary. We all drank bubbly while enjoying the “Fade Into Darkness” vocal mashed with Autoerotique’s “Turn Up The Volume”. Sunnery whistled with his fingers while Ryan’s curls bounced to the beat as we secured our place on the dance floor, directly in front of the booth where the guys would see us. About 20 minutes into their set, things started to get crazy. They played “Otherside” and the first C02 blast hit the crowd. Then, bright orange light tubes were passed out and the club felt like one big dance party as everyone waved their lights in the air and danced to the massive Swedish House Mafia anthem, “Antidote” (SJRM re-fixxx).

SJRM kept us moving with clips and tasty tidbits of tracks like “E Samba” by Junior Jack, the “King Of My Castle” vocal mixed with “Rolling In The Deep”, Matt Caseli & Danny Freakazoid’s “Raise Your Hands”, and Matteo DiMarr’s “Creep”. At this point it was 2am, and it was fun to share one of several sing-along moments with the guys when they sang the lyrics, “you’re so very special” and pointed directly to us. Then we heard the dirty techy “Metrum” by Fedde Le Grand, and the infamous lyrics to “Levels” mashed with Thomas Gold & Alex Kenji’s “What’s Up”.

“C02 ready, prepare to blast!” Well, that’s not exactly how the track goes, but when they dropped “Flash”, the club filled up with another refreshing white fog of cold air. After the fog lifted and things got heated up again, we heard the latest Dirty South track, “Eyes Wide Open”, and house favorites “The Island”, “Blow Up”, and “Sending My Love” mixed with “Coming Home” and “Epic”. Everyone went nuts for their own version of “Lethal Industry”, as well as their track, “We Are”. By then, it began snowing in the club and we were momentarily transported to freezing cold Sweden as we heard “Sweet Dreams” by Avicii.

We snapped back to reality when Sunnery and Ryan dropped “Paradise” (Fedde remix), “Bipolar” by Mat Zo, and Ingrosso and Alesso’s “Calling” with the “Louder Than Words” vocal by Afrojack. Just after 3am, the Tiesto lovers enjoyed the SJRM remix of “C’Mon”, followed by the new smash hit, “In My Mind” by Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl ft. Georgi Kay. One might think the night was coming to a close when the vocal loop, “Goodnight New York” from the “Good Morning Ibiza” track played, but no. This night was not over yet!

At 3:30am we heard house favorites, “Save The World”, “You’ve Got The Love”, and two other Swedish beats: “Valodja” and “Kidsos”. Sunnery pointed right to me, knowing that Seb is my favorite DJ. I loved it! The boys wrapped up their set (or so we thought) with “Hey Hey” by Dennis Ferrer, “Big Bad Wolf” by Duck Sauce, and “Leave The World Behind”. Lavo closes at 4am, but that did NOT stop Sunnery and Ryan from extending their set for nearly 20 more minutes with tracks that had sexy tribal sounds. Here’s a video I took:

Watching this doesn’t do it justice because it’s so dark, but you could really see how much they love playing tracks with that real house sound because they were dancing, closing their eyes, and singing along. The lights came on, the room had a dozen people still there, and it felt like our own private show because we stayed till they literally kicked us out. The guys thanked us for coming and staying till the very end, saying, “You’re awesome!” Leaving early was never an option.

As I got home and crawled into bed just as the sun came up at 6:30am, all I could do was smile and be thankful for a truly memorable night. The countdown to the SJRM St. Patty’s Day show at Pacha NYC on March 17th has already begun. So get your green club gear ready and buy your tickets here. SJRM will make you say “OMG”.

We’re all getting lucky that night. Mark my words!


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