Mischa Daniels single ‘Where You Wanna Go’ reaches GOLD!




The hard work of Mischa Daniels has certainly paid off! His single, ‘Where You Wanna Go’, released in September of 2010, finally reaches GOLD in Canada! After consecutive months of the single being in the Top 5 most played tracks on Candian radio, it has finally reached the status deserved, Gold.

Now’s an exciting time for the Dutchman. Mischa’s own record label launched at Armada Music in 2005, Fame Recordings has proven to be a big success. Releasing some of the best house tracks available like ‘Where You Wanna Go’.

Daniels is known for his smooth, sweeping mix of house and progressive music.This track has a diverse vibe, mixing house with a hip-hop touch with vocals by the rapper J-Son. The official music video has already received 3.6 million hits! It has also reached number one on BPM/Sirius Radio.This track has become international, receiving high chart positions in the US, Belgium and France. Most impressively, it was on the Belgium Singles Top 50 and Canadian Singles Top 100 for a combined total of six weeks!

This did not come easy, as he has been working his way up in music industry since teenage years. Another previous track, ‘Take Me Higher’ had a similar success as well. It reached Top 3 of most played dance tracks in Ibiza. It even got a 4 round play on the famous Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 and was featured on the famous ‘Subliminal Records’ by Erick Morillo. Mischa is still on his way, going deeper and deeper into the world of house music. This will probably not be the only Gold in his future based off his work ethic.

Mischa’s sound never loses its groovy, big-room house touch, with an exciting, dance floor-moving feel to every single track. His housy sound is highly contagious. ‘Where You Wanna Go’ has the sound that will infect you to want to keep it on repeat. See for yourself with track links below!

Watch the Official Video For ‘Where You Wanna Go’

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